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“Sometimes Bad Things Happen for a Good Reason”

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Ariane Lipski, America’s top team flyweight, is delighted to finally be back in the Octagon this weekend after the longest break of her career , after the last game.

Last September, Lipsky (14-7) defeated Mandy Bohm, and while the victory was important, she also showed her game of excellence.

“My last fight wasn’t about winning, but in fights, during training camp, I felt more mature,” she told media, including Cageside Press, during Wednesday’s media day. “I really feel like I improved on what I was looking for. Now I’m really excited to be back in the cage and I can’t wait to show more improvement.”

A shoulder injury delayed Lipsky’s return, originally scheduled for March. “It’s not a good idea if you’re not 100% [to fight]. I’ve made this mistake, just like before.So this time, my coach, he told me ‘this time, we’re going to [do it] different. Let’s break the cycle and don’t make the same mistakes again. That means making sure Lipsky is adequately trained in all disciplines. “This battle comes at the right time.” “

She plans to show further progress this Saturday against fellow Brazilian Priscilla Cachoela. While the vacation wasn’t exactly what she wanted, in the meantime, Lipsky seemed to have found a silver lining. “I’m the type of fighter who likes to fight as quickly as possible, but I think this time is important to improve my technique, my game, my game in MMA,” she said.

“Sometimes bad things happen for a good reason. I’m more excited to fight; I’m sure it’s the most I haven’t fought, so I’m really happy to be back.”

Heading into Game 3 against Florida’s AT&T, Lipsky said the training experience in a world-class gym was “fantastic.” I really feel like I improved where we wanted to improve. My wrestling, my mixed martial arts. I have good jiu-jitsu in Brazil, but it’s different wrestling, you mix wrestling and jiu-jitsu. Also, you have to have some partner for training who will put you in certain situations so you can learn how to use your technology. This is what we’ve been looking for. “

Watch Ariane Lipski’s full UFC Vegas 59 media day appearance above. Lipsky will face Priscila Cachoeira at the UFC Apex on Saturday, August 6, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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