‘Someone who lacks credibility can’t blame others’, APC slams Naja’atu for berating Buhari –

The All Progressive Congress (APC) has slammed Naja’atu Muhammed, a former member of the party, for berating President Muhammadu Buhari for his achievements.

In a statement on Thursday, Najaatto accused Buhari of alleged abuse of the rule of law, blatant corruption and other vices.

She slammed the president for showing his vote in the Feb. 25 presidential and National Assembly votes, adding Buhari Oversaw an incompetent and fraudulent regime for the past seven years.

She said: “The just-concluded presidential election has further exposed the inability of President Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Muhammadu Buhari to govern the country with fairness and justice; a president who has never shied away from spitting on the laws of the land entrusted to him to serve and protect. .

“He is the president of the most incompetent and corrupt regime in Nigerian history; a president who promised us free and fair elections after putting Nigerians through the most difficult period in the history of this country, only to fail to deliver on his promises The election promise; a president who will openly and brazenly hold up his ballot in public to show the world who he voted for.

“The president’s embarrassing move, not only in violation of the secret ballot system enshrined in our election laws, but also in violation of election laws requiring political activity to end 48 hours before elections, is an illegal act.

“These illegal actions by the president are clear instructions from the president to the Independent National Electoral Commission and security agencies about which political party to support and support.

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“With such disregard for the new election law, it is clear that INEC as an institution has been compromised starting with the chairman of the committee, and therefore, the chairman of the committee should resign immediately because Nigerians cannot trust him to oversee the election of governors.”

APC communications director Bala Ibrahim responded to Naja’atu’s claims, calling her stance ludicrous and ridiculous.

Ibrahim described the former APC member as inappropriate to talk about other people, adding that she lacked credibility.

He said: “Naja’atu is a member of the Police Service Commission. You will recall that after the APC PCC petitioned the PSC because of her partisanship, she was removed from the list of monitors who oversee the North East election campaign. Not only did she openly support the party , but also a frequent visitor to PDP.

“She got the position of PSC member by virtue of her APC membership from North West Territory. If Naja’atu has any shame and credibility, she should quit PSC completely as soon as she quits PSC armored personnel carrier. But because it was lucrative, she was only interested in giving up her party membership, not membership in the positions she had acquired through the party.

“It doesn’t show a person has credibility. You can’t divorce your wife and sneak in to see her. If you leave, you have to leave completely. That’s what resigning in principle means.

“Anyone with this kind of reputation damage can’t comment on the credibility of any institution or person. It’s because if you want fairness, you can’t do it with dirty hands. Her hands are dirty. She doesn’t qualify Talk about anything.”

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