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Soldier, Poet, King test results meanings explored as quiz trends on TikTok

A new quiz is going viral with the crowd Tik Tok user, asks users to answer questions before being given a role – soldier, poet or king, but the deeper meaning may not be that simple.

As others have pointed out, this isn’t the first personality test trend on the platform. It won’t be the last time either.

On the face of it, the quiz assigned an identity from The Oh Hellos 2015 song Soldier, Poet, King to those who took it, but even that sparked some superficial discussions about what the song actually meant.

So without further ado. Based on the quiz, are you a soldier, a poet, or a king, how will you interpret the meaning of the test results?

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What is the meaning of the song Soldier, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos?

The Oh Hellos posted Soldier, Poet, King on October 16, 2015, but it seems like it wasn’t until a few years later that Reddit users started giving it biblical meaning.

according to Recent thread from The Oh Hellos subredditwhich is about the second coming of Christ.

Also known as the Second Coming or Parousia, the Second Coming is the belief that Jesus will return to Earth. It may be most popular among Christians, but it is also found among Muslims and members of the Baha’i Faith.

“When I first realized how excited I was,” one Reddit user wrote in early January. “It’s great to realize that this isn’t just a fun story, but points to a reality where Jesus fills all three roles as a real-world savior.”

Do personality test results reflect this meaning of Soldier, Poet, King?

yes and no. For example, it would do better if the pictures accompanying the results were all about Jesus Christ.

However, the image of the king actually comes from a painting by Guido Reni of St Catherine of Alexandria.

The questions in the Soldiers, Poets, Kings quiz feel like they have some relationship to the narrative of Christ. For example, one starts with, “You enter a town and it’s…” Another, “You leave this town, and you leave it…”

Questions like “What is sin?”, “Who taught you to feel guilty?” and “How Will You Die?” all of which encourage people to contemplate or contemplate the character of Christ, at least to some degree.

But it is probably in the description of each archetype accompanying the test results that we find the most definitive biblical meaning in the Soldier, Poet, King tests.

Soldiers, Poets, Kings Quiz Results Quote Biblical References From The Oh Hellos

If you answer the question in a particular way, you will receive a description of a king, including the quote: “There will come a ruler whose brow will be covered with thorns, painted like the son of David Oil.”

This is a direct quote from The Oh Hellos song Soldier, Poet, King, which means Three talented contributors have honedSince the track was released in 2015.

They write that anointing refers to the ritual of anointing the king at the coronation. In 1 Samuel 16:13, the note says that Samuel anointed David. Later, in 1 Kings 1:45, Nathan anoints Solomon, the “son of David.”

What’s more, the “anointed one” is also A direct translation of “mashiaḥ”, Or “Messiah” in Hebrew.and the name “Christ” From the Greek, meaning “anointed one”.

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What if you have soldiers or poets?

The American Sun wrote The Soldier archetype is characterized by justice, strength and violence.

“You see a door and push it open, and sometimes you wonder if anger is the only thing you’re feeling,” reads the description. But remember, “Love is also passion. You make your own rules and will obey them to the end of your life.”

At the same time, the role of the poet is associated with individualism and subtle power. The outlet also quoted a quiz taker on social media as saying the three archetypes were “metaphors.”

This embodies the notion of what the soldier, poet, king quiz really means in line with the interpretation of The Oh Hellos track detailed above. That is, they are not separate identities after all. Rather, they are aspects of the personality of Jesus Christ—and anyway, the theory holds.

Anything to tell us about this article?

Bruno Cooke has been a freelance writer since 2019, mainly with GRV Media. He was an early contributor to The Focus and has contributed to HITC, Groundviews and the University of Sheffield newspaper – where he completed his MA in Global Journalism in 2021. He is the spoken-word poetry editor of The Friday Poem and self-published his debut 2019 novel, Reverie, which his mom called a “fantastic read” and a “great Christmas gift.” Bruno has lived in China, Sri Lanka and the Philippines and likes: bike tours, black and white Japanese movies, bar quizzes, fermented and baklava. In 2023, Bruno will embark on a journey around the world with his partner.

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