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Sleeping Bag Twitter Employee Is Now Part Of Musk’s Inner Circle

At Twitter, the long-term investment clearly pays off handsomely.

Just ask Esther Crawford, director of product management at Twitter.

In November, Crawford shared a photo of herself sleeping on the floor of Twitter’s headquarters, wrapped in a silver sleeping bag and wearing an eye patch.

“When your team is working day and night to meet deadlines, sometimes you #SleepWhereYouWork,” she tweeted.

Musk recently took over as CEO of the company and has Employees working 12 hours a day report or more.

Crawford’s photo went viral, and many criticized San Francisco’s Twitter employees for their sleepless nights, perpetuating what they saw as a toxic workplace. Someone even joked that she would lose her job in a week, why bother?

But now it looks like Crawford is having the last laugh.a story in Financial Times Crawford “has become one of the most influential leaders” since the sleeping bag incident, according to former and current Twitter employees.

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Meet Musk

Crawford, 39, was a mid-level employee before Musk took over at Twitter, but that has changed, in part because of the Twitter photo, but also thanks to a meeting with Musk at Twitter’s coffee shop, The Perch. accidental meet up.

source told Financial Times Crawford introduced himself to Musk and had a one-on-one meeting with him to discuss payments and creators. The move angered many senior leaders for crossing a line.

But Musk must have liked what he heard. Crawford has since helped launch Twitter Blue, which charges users $8 for a premium subscription and provides verified blue check status.

She was recently named CEO of Twitter Payments, and insiders say she’s part of Musk’s inner circle at Twitter — one of the few women in the role.

Polarization diagram

Around Twitter’s offices, Crawford is either loved or loathed.

“To some insiders, Crawford possessed the charisma needed to help transform Twitter’s faltering business,” it said Financial Times“To other former employees, she was dismissed as a sycophant and an opportunist.”

Crawford is known for his energy and self-empowering Twitter posts.

Crawford joined Twitter in 2020. Before that, she was a YouTube vlogger.

She posts about growing up in a cult cult. She also said that her family is very poor and relies on welfare.

Neither Crawford nor Musk responded. Financial Times solicit opinions. But in a recent tweet, Crawford launched a poll asking whether it’s better to have false information about you in the media and a good photo, or true information and a bad photo in the media better.

Viewers voted for “accurate and positive information.”

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