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SISTER WIVES Mykelti says Meri and Kody were verbally abusive, calls Meri out for cheating * starcasm.net

Mykelti Padron is following in the footsteps of her siblings Gwen and Paedon in publicly commenting on her family.She posted her live Patron account handles many sister’s wife dispute. One of the things she touches on is the previous marriage between Meri and her father, Cody Brown.

Mykelti claims there has been “emotional and verbal” abuse in Meri and Kody’s marriage, but never physical abuse.

“They didn’t physically abuse. Didn’t hit. They never hit each other. That wasn’t daddy. That was never daddy,” Mykelti said. “Verbally, emotionally? I think that’s the relationship between the two of them. I don’t think either of their marriages are happy, and they probably abuse each other emotionally and verbally.”

Although she said they “probably” abused each other emotionally and verbally, Mykelti went on to say that she “knew if that was true” because she had “seen them do it to each other. When it comes to abuse, there are two paths.”

Mykelti blames Meri for the end of Kody and Meri’s marriage because she gave up cheating on Kody in the first place. Merry thought she was dating a guy online, but it turned out a catfish exposed their private conversation to the world.

“When you cheat on someone, you give up first,” Mykelti explained. “If you’re going to cheat on your spouse, you’re going to give up on the relationship first. It’s not fair to her to be mad at Dad when she gives up. She throws in the towel. She says, ‘I’m done.’ “She cheated first.”

In the past, Cody has claimed that Merri “cheated” on him before the Catfish incident. It’s unclear what he meant, but Mykelti’s take on their relationship adds more detail to the overall picture of Kody and Meri’s troubled marriage.

it was no secret from the beginning sister’s wife Merry’s relationship with Cody’s second wife, Janelle, was toxic from the start. When Kristen joined the family as a third wife, Cody often credits her with “saving” the multiple marriage.

“It was said earlier — it was ‘theoretical’ — that Merry was rough, and other things. I said those two words were not harsh enough, not advanced enough,” Paedon said in an interview. “The word Abrasive is not enough to explain what Meri means to a few of our kids, especially…it goes way beyond the verbal. Verbal basically doesn’t exist anymore.”

Paedon Brown participated in a three-hour interview last week in which he made vague allegations about Meri’s behavior towards the children. “Earlier someone said, it was ‘theoretical,’ Merri was rough and something else. And I said those two words weren’t harsh enough, not advanced enough,” peyton said”The word Abrasive is not enough to explain what Meri means to several of our children, especially as it goes far beyond verbal expression. Verbal is basically non-existent.”

Since this interview, online sister’s wife The community speculated wildly about what he meant by “much more than lip service.”

Paedon’s older sister, Gwen, has since spoken out against Paedon, calling him the “scariest” she has ever known and accusing him of being abusive. She asked the audience not to listen to him. Gwen also talks about Meri, noting that Gwen thought she was “scary” when Gwen was a child, and that she only witnessed Meri become physically unwell when one child grew up: Mykelti.

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