Simon Jordan explains why Man City will not sign Tottnham star Harry Kane

Ex-Premier League boss Simon Jordan tells Harry Kane is destined to stay at Tottenham this summer talk about sports (March 14, 11.30am) City are unlikely to re-interest them.

Daniel Levy won’t be blocking the gates of Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium or tying the England international to the dressing room bench with cable ties, but he will do everything in his power to prevent Kane from ditching Spurs , and living together with another top league lover.

Kane’s contract expires in the summer of 2024. But if you thought the 30-year-old striker was a bargain, think again. tottenham, Athletic Said, “not even considering” letting their all-time leading scorer go.

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Moreover, even if they yes, There’s no real crowd club that falls in the middle of the Venn diagram; those that can both affordable £100m superstars, and those need he.

City met both criteria in 2021, but have since brought in arguably the world’s greatest striker; a certain Erling Haaland.

Will Harry Kane stay at Tottenham for now?

“Man City don’t need him now, so they don’t plan to buy him? Who will buy him?” former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan asked.

“He’s not going to Chelsea. That’s not going to happen. Definitely not going to Arsenal. Do you think he’s going to the Bundesliga? I don’t think so.

“Manchester United? Perhaps. Man Utd and Tottenham may have done deals in the past with Berbatov and people of that nature. But I think Harry Kane will stay at Tottenham, if not with absolute certainty. ”

Kane is reportedly valued at close to £45m by Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, Erik ten Hag’s United appear to be turning to younger, more value-for-money options such as Victor Osimhen and Goncalo Ramos.

“Nobody wants to pay £100m for someone whose contract expires in a year’s time,” added Jordan, who believes Kane now has “two options”.

He can either sign a new contract or leave for free after 15 months.

“I don’t think Harry Kane is going to Paris Saint-Germain. It’s a circus over there. It’s been a circus for years. They won the French league and they’ve got nothing else. I don’t see him landing in Paris Saint-Germain. paris saint germain possible is an option, but I don’t think it’s a competitive football option. ”

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