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Sickening Footage Shows Girl Lured Into School Grounds And Attacked By Bullies

A Whishaw woman has expressed her distaste for bullies who subjected her 12-year-old granddaughter to a sickening attack on campus.

Coltness High School students were lured to the school’s football field earlier this month after receiving a text message from another student.

Lanarkshire Live understands that the two were ex-friends who disagreed and fell out, but according to the girl’s grandmother, text messages suggested they could meet to resolve issues and put their differences behind them.

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But when the 12-year-old arrived at the school, she was confronted by another girl and a group of young people who were then thrown at her, dragged to the ground by her hair and repeatedly punched and kicked.

Video footage has been circulating and passed to Lanarkshire Live. It shows the young man talking to another girl who is being encouraged to attack her by others present. The victim repeatedly tried to back away from the crowd, who made sure she couldn’t leave the pitch by closing the entrance door and standing in front of it.

She was hit by a plastic bottle and a young boy tried to drag her down with a ‘sled’ as a crowd chased her across the field, while another girl in a red bubble jacket threateningly waved a bottle of bucklaw Sturt’s glass bottle on her head. Her backpack was also pulled over her head twice so she couldn’t see.

0 dmp wsh 220922coltness 01JPG

The 12-year-old is a student at Coltness High School

The little girl kept backing away from the crowd encouraging other girls to attack her, with comments like “f****** stomp her” and “just hit her” clearly heard in the video.

Eventually, she was attacked and dragged to the ground, but she fought back and when she appeared to have the upper hand, the girl with the Buckfast bottle got involved, shouting: “Then get her out of the way”.

Another girl can later be heard yelling at the bottle-waving girl: “Make her kneel”.

0 MPR WSH 220922 ColtnessBullies 2

A girl in a red jacket waves a Buckfast bottle

Family members claim the girl was forced to apologise when she was attacked because she dared to fight back.

Another concerned parent informed the girl’s mum of the videos, who were shocked by the incident.

The disgusted family members of the Secondary Two students hope to prevent something similar from happening to other people’s children by highlighting the issue.

The girl’s grandmother said: “You can see from the footage she was forced to fight and didn’t want to fight. We had seven videos and in each of them she was going backwards. They lured her there and she had to protect herself Free from being kicked. What they did to her was really bad.”

0 MPR WSH 220922 ColtnessBullies 1

The 12-year-old kept backing away when items including plastic bottles were thrown at her

The victim has returned to school and the family hopes she will put the incident behind her.

“We were worried about her when she was at school, it was horrible,” her grandmother added.

Coltenes High School principal John McGilp said: “Anyone who witnesses this video will be very disgusted. Bullying has no place in our school and we work hard to foster a culture of tolerance and respect for others.

0 MPR WSH 220922 ColtnessBullies 4

The student’s grandma was furious with her treatment.

“While this incident occurred well after the school day, we have spoken to the students involved in the strongest terms and have made it clear that this behaviour is absolutely unacceptable. We have also called parents to get them know about it.”

Police in Wishaw said they were currently investigating allegations of assault on the school grounds on September 2 and were working with Coltness High to explore a series of inquiries related to the incident.

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