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Sheila Jackson Lee’s alleged ‘flag on Mars’ question revisited 25 years on

Edwards January 18, 2023

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Sheila Jackson Lee Allegedly Made Comment About Wanting To See ‘Flag On Mars’ Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in his latest segment.

On Tuesday night’s show (January 17, 2023), Tucker Carlson revisits the alleged Made in the 1990s.

Since 1995, Jackson Lee has served as the U.S. representative for Texas’ 18th Congressional District, which includes much of Houston.Considering the Jackson Lee area is just a stone’s throw from NASA’s Johnson Space Center, this so-called ignorance Basic space knowledge has shocked many Texans.

But did Sheila Jackson Lee really say she wanted to see “Flags on Mars”? Let’s take a look at how these comments came to light.

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Sheila Jackson Lee Allegedly Wants to See ‘Flag on Mars’

In the November 1997 issue of texas monthlyDuring Sheila Jackson Lee’s two terms as U.S. representative, the story of Lee’s trip to the Mars Pathfinder Operations Center in Pasadena, California, was widely publicized.

The trip was reported by Sandy Hume for The Hill, and Jackson Lee reportedly asked Mars Pathfinder if he had succeeded in photographing the American flag placed on Mars by Neil Armstrong in the summer of 1969. It would have been impossible because that was the year Neil Armstrong planted a flag on the moon.

Texas Monthly said Hume was not present en route to the NASA center, but he reportedly heard questions from committee staff who were there. Rep. Vernon Ehlers, R-Jackson-Lee’s science committee colleague, also allegedly heard questions from the Houston representative.

Jackson Lee was a member of the Science Committee during the NASA visit

As these so-called comments came to light, Sheila Jackson-Lee drew attention for her apparent confusion of Mars and the Moon. These concerns are all the more important considering that Jackson Lee served on the House Science Committee when he visited the Mars Pathfinder Operations Center.

Jackson Lee serves on a subcommittee that oversees space policy and NASA, which is why she visited the center.

In the 25 years since these so-called reviews came to light, there have been doubts about their legitimacy. During a 1997 NASA trip, no one confirmed that Sheila Jackson Lee had made such a comment about Mars.it has been Report Jackson Lee, Vernon Ehlers and a chief of staff who were present all denied that anyone had ever asked a question about the flag on Mars.

Generic coverage of the so-called comments has also time and time again muddied the stories, raising further doubts about their validity. year 2013, national review Claims that Jackson Lee visited NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the summer of 2005, not 1997.

It seems that the rumor has spread to internet forum, those against Sheila Jackson Lee. It has been used as a point of criticism of politicians throughout her decades-long career.

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Recovery of Court Action Funds

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