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SFC and ‘absolute legend’ dies age 40

US Trigger Pullers and teammate Israel Del Toro Jr die sergeant first class and 40-year-old “absolute legend” Joseph Kapacziewski, aka Joe Kap.

Kapacevski Wrote an ‘explosive’ memoir in the early 2010s; he was the only Army Ranger at the time to serve with a prosthetic in direct combat operations.

“It is with great sadness that we share the passing of a legend,” American Trigger Pullers posted on Facebook on Monday, January 23, 2023.

“He’s really been an inspiration to me,” wrote his former teammate Israel Del Toro Jr., “but also to a lot of people.”

A dedicated anti-IED truck in the US is on patrol.

Condolences poured in after the death of clothing brand American Trigger Pullers and a man who described himself as Joseph Kapacziewski’s “WG teammate” and “comrade in arms” announced the death.

“It is with a heavy heart that I must share the passing of my WG teammate, comrade and friend,” Israel “DT” Del Toro Jr wrote on Facebook Monday.

“The world is a darker place without you, Joe.”

American Trigger Pullers posted that they were “very sad” to share the news. “SFC Joseph Kapacziewski, you were truly an inspiration to many and you will be dearly missed.  …until Valhalla.

What are others saying about the news of Joseph ‘Joe Kap’ Kapacziewski’s passing?

Commenting on the above announcement, people who knew or knew Joe Karp have been paying tribute to the late author and soldier.

“[This] Hit me like an anvil, bro,” wrote one. Kapacziewski was an “absolute beast” and a “light that helped many of us through dark times.”

“There are no words that can adequately express the enormous loss this has caused the world,” wrote another. They send their love to Del Toro Jr, the Kapacziewski family and “all those who love and admire our hero, Joe Kap.”

Joseph “Joe Kap” Kapacziewski was born November 30, 1982 and was 40 years old when he died.

where is he from?

Kapacziewski grew up on a small farm in Durham, Connecticut. There are three siblings: older sisters Erin and Joe and younger brother Randy.

After their parents divorced, the three children and Bill Kapacziewski moved to Fredericksburg, Texas. When Joe was 12, his father died in a car accident. He and his siblings then moved back to Connecticut to live with their grandparents.

He graduated from high school and enlisted in the U.S. Army in the summer of 2001, initially as a U.S. Army Ranger. During his tenure with the Rangers, he deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq three times. For his service, he received three Purple Hearts, two Army Commendation Medals with a “V” and a Bronze Star, according to hunting with heroes wyoming.

During his fifth combat tour in northern Iraq, Joe was seriously injured by a grenade explosion.

Photo by Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

What happened to Joe Kapacziewski’s right leg?The stories behind injuries, amputations and prosthetics

On October 3, 2005, Joe was coming to the end of his visit in northern Iraq, some people attacked his convoy. A grenade fell from the gunner’s hatch of his vehicle.

When it exploded, it shattered his right leg below the knee. It also severed the median nerve and brachial artery in his right arm and caused a deep tissue wound in his hip.

He underwent 42 operations on his right leg at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC. However, he ultimately opted for amputation. That was in April 2007.

Since then, he has had a prosthetic and has recovered extremely well. He has completed three triathlons and an urban marathon; in 2013, he published his memoir, Back to the Battlefield. Joseph Kapacziewski’s cause of death has not been released.

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