Selena Gomez is desperate to “fall in love” with Hailey Bieber’s drama

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Selena Gomez Desperately ‘Loves’ Hailey Bieber Drama

she want a boyfriend.

Selena Gomez has joked that she has no one to love amid her ongoing feud with Justin Bieber’s ex-wife Hailey Bieber.

“I hate it when girls say, ‘Oh my god, my crush doesn’t even know I exist,'” the singer said quietly in the audio clip In a TikTok video shared on Wednesday.

“Like, girl, my crush doesn’t even exist.”

The “Only Murder in the Building” actress, who wears a pink shirt in the clip, captioned the post: “I’m still here looking for him lol.”

Selena Gomez on TikTok.
Selena Gomez posted a message saying she’s “still looking” for sympathy for her ongoing drama with Hailey Bieber.
Selena Gomez on TikTok.
She said this to the audio clip, which read: “Girl, my crush doesn’t even exist.”

Gomez, 30, was reportedly dating Drew Taggart after he and The Chainsmokers member, 33, showed off their PDA in January, but she quickly confirmed she was single in an Instagram post, which has since been deleted .

In her latest TikTok post, several of Gomez’s followers flooded the comment section to drag Hailey. The drama between the pair has escalated over the past few months over claims that Hailey is a “mean girl” who has both plagiarized and mocked Gomez in several social media posts over the years.

“Hailey’s next tiktok will be how she marries her crush,” wrote one netizen in the comments section.

Hailey Bieber is wearing a blue skirt.
Gomez’s insight into her love life comes as her drama with Hailey continues to take the internet by storm.
Hailey Bieber/Instagram

“Hayley [sic] Shopping for a pink shirt 😂😂,” joked one netizen, referring to a baseless fan conspiracy theory that Hailey is copying everything Gomez does and trying to steal her life.

“Hailey INCOMING pink shirt 💀💀,” agreed another.

“Waiting for your @Hailey Bieber post, sitting on the couch eating popcorn 🍿 Don’t let me down, wear your pink,” one added.

Hailey and Justin Bieber holding hands.
Months after her split from Gomez, Hailey got engaged to her current husband, Justin Bieber.

Gomez admits her dating life has been difficult because of her hot scene with Hailey, 26.

Their longtime rivalry is rumored to date back to 2018, when Gomez and Justin split after nearly eight years of on-and-off dating. Justin, 29, proposed to Hailey just months after they called off their relationship for good, prompting many to question the timing of their relationship.

Last September, Hailey settled her alleged feud with Gomez by claiming On the Call Her Daddy podcast. She didn’t steal Justin Gomez, she just respected the founder of Rare Beauty.

“I mind my own business. I don’t do anything, I don’t say anything. Please leave me alone,” Hailey said on the podcast, claiming that she and Gomez had talked and dropped the hatchet.

Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez pose for a photo.
Gomez and Hailey seemed to crush the beef when they posed for a photo together last year.
Tyrrell Hampton
Hailey Bieber's short hair.
Their anger boiled over when Hayley’s social media posts appeared to overshadow the “Old Love” singer.
Hailey Bieber/Instagram

When Gomez and Hailey posed for a photo together at the academy’s second annual gala last October, her words seemed to ring true.

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But all signs of a reconciliation evaporated when Hayley posted a TikTok video in February that appeared to cast a shadow over Gomez.

She got in trouble again later that month when she and Kylie Jenner started making fun of Gomez’s eyebrows in an Instagram post.

Selena Gomez drank a cocktail.
On the show, Gomez became the most followed woman on Instagram.
Selena Gomez/Instagram
Selena Gomez poses without makeup.
The actress was rumored to be dating Drew Taggart earlier this year.

Shortly after, Gomez announced that she would stop using social media after she became the most followed woman on Instagram.Jenner previously ranked No. 1, but lost a million followers on theatre.

Meanwhile, Justin canceled the rest of his “Justice World Tour” performances earlier this month due to health concerns.

Fans also believe Justin subtly criticized Gomez at his birthday party earlier this month, though sources have completely denied Page Six’s claims.

The “Sorry” singer, who married Hailey in September 2018, was last seen with his wife at this Sunday’s Vanity Fair Oscars, when he looked “haunted” wrapped in a blanket “. After Hailey walked the red carpet alone, Justin met her at the ball.

As previously reported, Gomez has been romantically involved with several celebrities since her split from Justin, including Charlie Puth, 31, Samuel Kloster, 30, Neil Horan, 29 , Zod, 33), Orlando Bloom (46) and most recently, her relationship with Taggart. She also dated The Weeknd, 33, for 10 months in 2017.

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