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Sebastian Vettel Names “biggest Natural F1 Talent” Snubbing Schumacher And Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel decide against Michael Schumacher and lewis hamilton when naming the most talented Formula 1 Drivers he used to race.

They split 14 world titles equally and no one can match Schumacher and Hamilton as the most decorated racing drivers in the history of the sport. But when asked who his worst enemy was, the soon-to-retire Vettel chose a man with just one title.

“I think Junmei [Raikkonen] Actually the greatest talent I’ve ever come across – I think in terms of raw speed,” the German told F1. beyond the grid podcast when looking back at his remarkable career.

“Obviously it shows on the car, but it shows on any other form of car. I think changing the car – if there’s the discipline of changing it every day – in 10 days he’s going to pass everybody else just because he’s Born, does not take time to adapt to the car, adapt to the requirements of the car.

“If you give him a steering wheel, he knows how to use it. Sometimes you feel like it’s not fair and you need to get used to it first and understand the track or the conditions, but for him it’s just… bam.”

Raikkonen became world champion for the first and only time in 2007 when he made the most of a row between McLaren teammate hamilton and Fernando Alonso take home the trophy ferrari.

Vettel enjoying being team-mates with Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari


AFP/Getty Images)

Vettel made his F1 debut that season, first with a substitute injury Robert Kubica Scott Speed ​​at BMW Sauber before being released to replace Toro Rosso.Shortly after he became a major figure in the sport, winning four titles in a rally between 2010 and 2013 red bull He and Raikkonen were teammates for four seasons before later joining Ferrari.

“I think with him, I probably had the best relationship of any team-mate because he was so forthright,” recalls Vettel. “There was never an argument. If we bumped into each other, we would talk about it, address what happened, maybe laugh about it. …

“But there were never any issues that could shake or destroy our relationship, I don’t want to say the bond, but our relationship. He was probably the guy when I came in, I remember, from the day I walked in he was very respectful, Look me in the eye. With the other drivers, I’m like, ‘Well, I’m shaking hands, I’m saying hello, but actually that guy’s not there, he’s not here’. With people, I think Kimi is fantastic.”

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