Scots OnlyFans Teacher Slams Former School After Being Banned From Christmas Night Out

a physics teacher Her Only Fans porn page allegedly forced her to quit her job and was banned from her office Christmas party.

Kirsty Bacon Had hoped festive celebrations would be her chance to say goodbye to colleagues in controversial science department Bannerman High School in Glasgow’s Bailiston. But Kirsty claims her department head sent her a voicemail telling her to stay away from the rave at a restaurant in Glasgow on Thursday.

An outraged Miss Buchan then took to Facebook to express her disgust at the move, claiming she would show up anyway. She posted photos, text messages and voicemail audio related to the latest fallout, calling on former colleagues to turn their backs on her.

Bannerman High School

The teacher received a sledgehammer voicemail from her former boss saying: “I just called to tell you that you will not be able to come to the science department on Thursday night, December 22. You are no longer working with us at Bannerman , the events of the past few weeks mean that a significant portion of the faculty and staff are very uncomfortable with your presence.

“I know you paid for this, but we will refund your money in full. Just to be clear – don’t come on Thursday. Thank you.”

After taking time to digest the voicemail, Miss Buchan posted her text exchange with the dean of academics on Facebook. In one message, she said she intended to show up, no matter what she was told.

Physics teacher Kirsty Buchan resigned from her post at Bannerman High School in Glasgow after pornographic images surfaced online

She said: “It’s not your decision, it’s not anybody’s decision. You know what, I’m going to be there. I’m still employed until January 4th and I’m not going to be behind your back or anyone else like a kid People who talk about me bully or intimidate.

“If anyone has a problem then they shouldn’t be in. I’ve been there longer than the people complaining. See you Thursday.”

Another post said: “When you’re asked not to go to Christmas night because some people aren’t feeling well, it’s a ‘Bannerman’ night and I don’t work there anymore… as are a few others who are going.

“It’s the people who influence your kids… bullies and small-minded idiots. Get rid of the baggage.”

In response, one student told the teacher: “I hope you come into that night’s work looking better than everyone in there. Just keep reminding yourself that when they’re stuck working in that horrible place, it’s you Highly paid people.”

Miss Buchan replied, “Thank you, I’ll be all dressed up on Thursday and I’ll be sitting there waiting for them all to arrive at xx.”

The latest twist came after the teacher was forced to resign earlier this month after news emerged that nude photos of her taken at home appeared on the website Only Fans, which allows ordinary people to show off their bodies.


Glasgow City Council has launched disciplinary proceedings after receiving a flood of complaints, but parents – but the teacher jumped before he was pushed. After Record broke the story of the teacher’s resignation, she claimed the school treated her poorly and refused to pay her wages while she cared for her unwell son.

Bannerman High has also come under a lot of fire recently for allegedly serious violence and bullying at the school. A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “The individual was on sick leave until January 4 and has handed in his resignation.”

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