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Sam Smith banned dating apps after the catfish mess

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Sam Smith Bans Dating App After Catfish Mess

Sam Smith revealed they were kicked out of online dating after the app didn’t believe their account was real.

The “Wicked” singer, who describes herself as non-binary and uses the pronoun “they/them,” said in a new interview that Tinder and Hinge deleted their accounts out of fear of being impersonated.

“I’ve never played Grindr,” said Smith, 30, Say “Eastern Canada” on Monday. “I used to be on Tinder; I think I got kicked out of Tinder. I got kicked out of Hinge because they didn’t think I was me.

However, the Grammy winner admitted they “didn’t verify” their profiles.

“I should,” they said.

Sam Smith
Tinder and Hinge thought there was a catfish behind Smith’s account.
Sam Smith/instagram

However, Smith added that despite their busy music careers, they “always been able to date.”

If the “Stay With Me” creators could get back into the online dating pool, he’d share that their profiles would be dedicated to their love for their dog Velma.

Sam Smith
Smith revealed that despite their busy careers, they were “always able to date”.
AFP via Getty Images

“She taught me to love,” they say of the dog. “I really don’t feel like I’ve ever loved anybody but family and friends and stuff. … She really taught me.

“By the way, I miss her weight; I haven’t seen her in years.

Sam Smith and puppy Velma
Their dating app bios will be dedicated to their dog Velma, Smith said.
Sam Smith/instagram

While Smith rarely talks about her love life, they were recently spotted looking close with New York-based designer Christian Cowan.

Last week, the “Latch” performer was photographed walking arm in arm with Cowan and even kissing his head.

Sam Smith
The singer recently admitted that she only has three boyfriends.
Sam Smith/instagram

While it’s unclear when the couple began their potential relationship, they first appeared at the White House with President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in December 2022 when they signed the Respect for Marriage Act.

smith recently told GQ UK, “I only had three boyfriends. They were all equally amazing teachers.”

The hit producer says they don’t need “another person to recommend me,” explaining: “I recommend them to myself. Because I know who I am. It’s beautiful. Every relationship is different. Every relationship is different. Both people are different. I think it’s just learning your own language together.”

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