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RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2023: How To Take Part

The largest garden wildlife survey returns this weekend and the RSPB wants you to get involved.

Last year, almost 11,000 people East Sussex Joined the RSPB Bird Watching in the Great Gardens.

Across England, nearly 700,000 people took part in 2022, and they counted 11 million birds.

The charity is urging people in the county to spend just one hour on Friday, Saturday or Sunday this week observing and documenting birds in their gardens, balconies or local parks, before sending their results to the RSPB.

“The birds we see in our gardens, balconies and parks are a vivid, colorful and endlessly fascinating part of our lives, offering a real connection to the natural world,” said RSPB chief executive Beccy Speight.

“By participating in Birdwatch, you and hundreds of thousands of people like you play an important role in helping us understand how birds in the UK perform.”

House sparrows topped the East Sussex rankings last year as the most common garden bird.blue tits and Starlings, their favorite at Brighton Palace Pier, Finish the top three.

To participate in Big Garden Birdwatch 2023, observe birds for one hour at some point over three days on your balcony, garden or local green space. Only birds that land are counted, birds that fly by are not counted.

Record the maximum number of each bird species you see at any one time — not the total number you see in an hour.

Bessie added: “It doesn’t matter what you see – a blackbird, 20 sparrows or no birds at all – it all matters. growth to the next year.

“Nowadays our pigeons face so many challenges, it is more important than ever to submit your results. The birds in our garden are counting on you.”

This year is the 44th annual Big Garden Bird Watching Event. It has become a much-loved annual event since 1979, helping to provide the RSPB with a valuable snapshot of how our garden birds are doing in the UK.

During that time, 172 million birds were counted and nearly 11 million hours were spent watching garden birds.

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