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Riverdale’s Finale Has The Opposite Problem To What You Think

As the plot becomes more and more bizarre, riverdale The final season faces a major problem — though it’s the opposite of what many viewers might think it is. riverdale The first few seasons were relatively lackluster, but things quickly spiraled out of control as the episodes went on, leaving many fans wondering how the show could possibly end after the plot twists it’s had so far.what to do riverdale Season 7, the show’s final season, will provide a satisfying ending for all the characters, which can be resolved in a weird way: The show needs to get weirder than ever, rather than ground itself.

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The show’s first season got off to a normal start — as normal as a group of teenagers set out to solve a small-town murder.However, by riverdale In season 6, the show featured Alternate universes (including a Twilight-like “Rivervale”), superpowers, mystical creatures, and just about anything else one can imagine. Last season ended with Cheryl using her new powers to save the world from Comet Bailey, though sending the group back to 1955 in the process. With all this, riverdale Season 7 has a tough job of pulling off all of these wild elements.

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Riverdale’s finale needs to be its weirdest season yet

This farce is doubling down more and more on outlandish plot lines each season, and here’s why riverdale The ending needs to be a blockbuster. In the past few seasons, riverdale Known for his cautious approach to plot lines. At this point, the show’s commitment to the absurd is one of its most endearing traits.Fans of the show come to enjoy riverdalebizarre plot twists, and it’s hard to reconnect the current storyline with the original tone of the show.best move riverdale Season 7 is about escalating the weirdness.

Except for Jughead, riverdale The season 6 finale stripped everyone of their past lives, leaving options open for where the story could go.little reason to go back to the early days riverdale, the show will need to fully commit to the strangeness it has embraced over the past few seasons. By providing an alternate reality with reset options, riverdaleThe characters can relive many of last season’s best plot twists.

Why being Riverdale’s strangest season is a challenge

KJ Apa as Archie Andrews Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge and Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper in Riverdale Season 7

The first six seasons have already set the bar high for how crazy the writers can be. riverdale Willing to get: From musicals to cheryl turned into a witch, there is no limit to the twists and turns of the show. To give the show a proper send-off, riverdale Season 7 had to exceed every possible expectation set by previous episodes. Not an easy task considering how crazy things used to be.

like lostthe show’s weirdness and complex relationship to reality ensured that riverdale There are no casual viewers. Its fans increasingly expected goofy plots and high-stakes drama. riverdale If it’s going to meet (or even exceed) fan expectations, it has to be as outlandish and wacky as possible when it wraps up all its storylines.

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There’s little chance this incredibly unpredictable series will return to its film noir roots, and Season 7 has a chance to end the show with a suitably bonkers scene. End Riverdale’s story with the final season Needs to strike the right balance between off and crazy if it’s going to do it justice. riverdale Season 7 has done its job, but there’s no question the writers are up for the challenge after everything the show has been through.

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