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Putri Delina A rising Indonesian social media star, actress and singer, she rose to fame with her eponymous YouTube channel, which is popular for her videos of beauty and personal adventures as well as vocal covers of popular songs. She started her YouTube channel in March 2015 and managed to get the Gold Button. Her YouTube channel “Putri Delina” has over 3.24 million subscribers as of June 2022. Her verified “@putridelinaa” Instagram account has also gained over 2.9 million followers. Some of her popular songs are Menahan Rasa Sakit, Kawan, Buktikan, Ruang Waktu, Takkan Ku Biarkan. She is called a princess.

Heartache of Putri Delina crying over Nathalie Holscher

In a recently uploaded video, Putri Delina sheds tears as she tells Maia Estianty about her anxiety. In fact, she also admitted that he has no passion for life or returning to music. From Maia Estianty’s YouTube channel, Putri Delina admitted that she was hurt by the attitude of the woman she called her mother. One of them was when Nathalie Holscher left her father’s house. The discord caused by this misunderstanding seems to have left a deep impression on Princess Delina’s heart. “It’s not a fight, really. It’s more that we keep silent because of a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding that makes mom angry can make Putri angry. Putri feels hurt too. So the princess needs time,” Putri Delina Said on Maia AlElDulTV’s YouTube account. At that time, Putri Delina also admitted that she is now settled in her private residence and separated from Sule and her eldest mother Nathalie Holscher, just like her younger sister Rizky.

What is Putri Delina famous for?

  • As an internet celebrity, actress and singer from Indonesia.
  • Used to upload her cover songs on her YouTube channel.

What is Putridlina citizenship?

Putri Delina was born on April 29, 2001 as Putri Delina Andriany Sutisna. She is from Cileunyi, Bandung, Indonesia. She has Indonesian nationality and his ethnicity is Indonesian Asian. His zodiac sign is Taurus and her religion is Islam. As of 2022, he celebrated his 21st birthday. Regarding her parents, she was born to her father, Entis Sutisna (SULE) (father); and Lina Jubaedah (birth mother). After her parents divorced, her father married Natalie Holschel (stepmother). She also has three siblings: Rizky Febian Adriansyah Sutisna (brother), Rizwan Fadillah Adriansyah Sutisna (sister) and Ferdinan Adriansyah Sutisna Sutisna (sister).

Putri Delina Career Timeline

  • Putri Delina debuted as a singer in 2019.
  • With a talent for singing, she also followed in the footsteps of his brother Rizky Febian and became a singer.
  • Some of her singles are Kawan (2019), Ruang Waktu (2019), Menahan Rasa Sakit (2020), Buktikan (2021), Takkan Ku Biarkan (2021).
  • In terms of acting career, in 2020, he will appear in the soap opera “4 Sehat 5 Sule” as Putri.
  • Next, she will appear in the 2022 TV shows “Ini Ramadan”, “Cerita Cinta Sule”, “Dinasti Tambun”.
  • As a YouTuber, her YouTube content includes VLOGs, song covers, Q&As, pranks, and more.

Who is Putri Delina Boyfriend?

Putri Delina is not married yet, she is getting married. This beautiful veiled girl is dating Christian Jeffrey Rexxar. Jeffry and Putri Delina have been dating since 2020 and they plan to extend their relationship to the level of marriage. Jeffy Reksa is also about to convert to Islam and marry Putri Delina. They are now living a happy life. Her sexuality is straight.

Putri Delina and her boyfriend Jeffry Reksa

Source: @netral.news

How much is Putri Delina Net Worth?

Putri Delina is a talented singer, actress and social media celebrity with an estimated net worth between $1 million and $3 million as of 2022. Her wealth comes from her YouTube career and the music industry. Her exact salary is still to be announced. She lives a cool lifestyle now.

How tall is Putri Delina?

Putri Delina is a beautiful lady with a big smile and bright face. She stands at the perfect height for her weight. Her body size is still to be disclosed. She is currently in good health.

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