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Priscila Cachoeira says People “Quick to Point Out Our Shortcomings”

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Women’s lightweight Priscila Cachoeira had a lot to say when asked about her final performance at this week’s UFC Vegas 59 media day.

Brazil’s Cachoela (11-4) returned to the winning streak in February, going further and winning a unanimous decision across from Kim Ji-yeon. The bout earned honors for the night fight and helped erase memories of a difficult night in the previous fight, which cost her weight and was eventually submitted by Gillian Robertson after blatantly gouging out Robertson’s eyes.

That led to Cachoela’s critics calling for her to be cut by the UFC, although Robertson later said she had forgiven the Brazilian.

Speaking to the media, including the Cageside Press, through an interpreter on Wednesday, Cachoeira called her return to the victory column a “medal of honor.”

“It’s an honor for me to come back and show people what happened in the previous fight, that wasn’t me, the naked suffocation in the back,” Cachoela said. “Again, it’s a matter of personal honour to come back and show and tell people – because when we lose there’s a lot of finger pointing. People are quick to trigger and point out your flaws and what you can’t accomplish. But I think it’s From a lot of people who haven’t been to the places we’ve been.”

As Cachoela said, those critics, “They don’t have to lose weight, they don’t have to — I feel my fingers now because I need to lose weight. I need to lose weight, but it all adds up. If you don’t come Being here, you haven’t been through war and day-to-day work, what can you do? Can you be better? Can we have a little more love in our hearts, a little more tenderness and tenderness? Because you’re talking about a person’s soul here.”

Ultimately, the problem boils down to one of respect, Cachoeira suggested. “When people point at you and say ‘you didn’t do it’, when they point out your flaws, I’m not just here ‘wow,’ I want to show you. It’s not reactive. Just because I know I Going through what. A lot of us went through this. You just want to show that you’re there and you deserve respect. I think it’s become human. But I need to get back into the game and show it to people.”

Watch Priscila Cachoeira’s full UFC Vegas 59 media day appearance above. Cachoella fought Ariane Lipski in Saturday’s bout in a UFC Apex bout.


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