Prabhu Deva’s Wife Nayanthara Revealed Break-up Reason

Prabhu Deva’s wife Nayanthara revealed the reason for the breakup: A wedding was in the news recently, as was a controversial Kollywood wedding, and the news revolved around the couple’s past controversy with South Indian actor, dancer and producer Prabhu deva, who is Kollywood The well-known face of the news has a large number of fans, the news is that Prabhu deva is about to marry Nayanthara, but they separated before, this date of Prabhu and Nayanthara also affected Prabhu deva’s married life and eventually divorced and read on below, Follow for more updates on

Prabhu Deva’s Wife Nayanthara Revealed Break-up Reason

As news of Nayanthara’s wedding came to light on social media, another story about her past relationship came to light, the story was that Prabhu deva had been dating Nayanthara for three and a half years, and that Nayanthara and Prabhu deva had split up before they were about to part ways and got married, Prabhu deva and nayanthara were scheduled to get married in june 2009, at the moment they were about to get married, they called off the wedding for unknown reasons, nayanthara was rumored to be dating Prabhu deva a long time ago and announced her after the breakup
Breaking up in interviews, saying it’s useless, fate doesn’t mean they’re together,

Also admits that she doesn’t share the romantic side with him because he is already married, which bothers Prabhu and Nayantara as well as Prabdhwa because of his personal relationship like their emotional bond, but for her Relationship with Nayanthara, Nayanthara expressed her loss and heartbreak when Prabhu deva’s wife Latha learned of his affair with Nayanthara, she took legal action to the court alleging that Prabhu was due to extramarital affairs and Unable to support the family financially due to Nayanthara’s expenses, Latha and Prabhu deva divorced on June 10, settling a 16-year relationship a year after complaining about the divorce.

Nayanthara thanked her filmmaker boyfriend Vignesh Shivan, who is her current husband, Nayanthara also added that she feels in a better place, Nayanthara is shooting her director’s first film The edit met Shivan film Naanum Rowdy Dhaan had huge relationship goals in 2015 and recently announced her engagement to Vignesh. She has been in a cohabiting relationship with Shivan for a long time, and her ring with the image of Vignesh has been a topic for a while, and she said it was the ring she and Shivan would wear on their wedding night,
The newlyweds are very reserved and don’t want to have a big wedding, but still post a message to let everyone know.

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