PHOTO: Briana DeJesus’ ‘Ridiculous’ Graduation Look is being dragged by fans.


Briana DeJesus was overjoyed to see her daughter graduate from pre-K.

Some fans were more concerned with what “Teen Mom 2” star Briana DeJesus wore to the event than with Stella’s daughter graduating from Pre-K.

DeJesus posted a photo of herself hugging her 4-year-old daughter, Nova, and her 9-year-old daughter. DeJesus accessorized her outfit with black slides and a black dress. “Stella is now a big girl,” DeJesus captioned the picture.

Her family, including her sister, Brittany DeJesus, and her mother, Roxanne DeJesus, were pictured outside at a table in the following post. They arranged for a hibachi team to perform a cooking show in their backyard. Cameras were visible in some stills from Instagram Story, implying that the celebration would be broadcast on “Teen Mom.”

“Had the best time of my life!” “I highly recommend @hibachiomakase for coming to my house and cooking for us,” DeJesus wrote. “Not only did we eat delicious food, but our chef also put on a fantastic show for us, and we all had a fantastic time.” “#stellasgraduationdinner” is a hashtag that has been used to describe Stella’s graduation dinner.

The chefs brought water guns and asked some of the “Teen Mom” stars to come up and participate in the cooking show. When Briana DeJesus sprayed alcohol on the grill, flames engulfed it. Roxanne DeJesus joined in on the fun, catching an egg in her chef’s hat.

Fans Didn’t Like DeJesus’ Outfit Choice

DeJesus’ outfit was panned on social media, with some Reddit users saying the “Teen Mom” star looked ridiculous.

They laughed and said, “Lol, the dress with the slides looks ridiculous.”

DeJesus’ cleavage drew some attention. “I would be asked to go home and change if I went to my kids’ school with my breasts exposed that way,” one fan wrote.

“Who goes to a kindergarten graduation in a dress with so much cleavage?!?!?” A third added, “How trashy can one woman be?”

Kailyn Lowry and DeJesus’s relationship is improving, according to DeJesus.

DeJesus had a long-running feud with “Teen Mom” co-star Kailyn Lowry, but the two have since settled their defamation lawsuit. That is, according to DeJesus.

DeJesus told Us Weekly, “Our relationship is definitely better now that communications aren’t being relayed through the funnel of bad legal advice.” “It appears that Kail became enraged, but she was then misinformed about whether or not a lawsuit should be filed.”

After hearing about Lowry’s arrest in September 2020, Lowry sued DeJesus in June 2021.

She told Us Weekly, “I look forward to an improved relationship with Kail.”

DeJesus’ claims that her relationship with Lowry was improving came after she chastised the mother-of-four for taking anti-depressants and living apart from her parents and siblings.

In a now-deleted tweet, DeJesus wrote, “Taking antidepressants once [you] realized [you] can’t always use the courtroom/ color of [your] skin to shut people up.”

“My life’s high point = having a loving family, which [you] don’t have, so I’ll always win,” she added.

Some fans asked MTV to fire DeJesus because of her messages. Calls to the network were not returned.

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