PFL Heavyweight Hits Head Kick, Dedicates Win to Rumble, Calls Out WWE’s Liv Morgan for Date

Denzel Freeman scores with a header during the 2023 PFL Contenders Week 8 game at Universal Studios on Friday, March 17, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. (Cooper Neill/PFL)

It was a bad night with a postgame interview with PFL Challenger Series heavyweight Denzel Freeman on Friday night.

In Orlando, Florida, the final week of this year’s Contenders series featured a “second chance” fight, though Freeman was actually competing under the Pro Fighters League banner for the first time.

Regardless, Freeman (4-0) made his appearances count. He hit opponent Rayden Kovac in the head kick within 30 seconds, knocking him out when the debutant let his guard down. Kovac hit the mat, and while he recovered momentarily, a few follow-up strikes sealed the deal.

The total time was 27 seconds, which put Freeman in good stead for a PFL contract by the end of the night. Contract or not, Freeman will see his image boosted — thanks to a clever postgame interview.

Freeman, a former Marine, dedicated his performance to the The late Anthony “Lombo” Johnson, who was the heavyweight boxer’s mentor.

“He was a really incredible moment in my career. From now on, every fight, every win belongs to him,” Freeman said, closing on the mic by saying, “If Liv Morgan was listening , I want to ask you out on a date, girl.”

Morgan is one of the brightest stars in women’s professional wrestling right now, vying for the sports entertainment giant WWE.

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