paparazzi! Oscar photo snapped about catching Lady Gaga

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Paparazzi! Oscar photo captures Lady Gaga

Her “poker face” may have disappeared.

The 2023 Oscars photographer has been punished for allegedly touching Lady Gaga’s waist without her consent.

In the viral clip, Lady Gaga – born Stefanie Germanotta – he rushed over to help The shooter fell on the champagne rug and helped him up.

The unidentified photographer stood up and took two shots of the “Born This Way” singer’s back and buttocks, apparently to get Gaga’s attention.

video was posted on twitter That night and as of Thursday afternoon, the video had more than 16 million views.

“Why doesn’t anyone say he touches her waist like that, she looks pissed,” the caption read. “She ran to help the man and he basically slapped her ass like???? She looked down in shock. I was in a bad mood.

‘Men don’t realize what it means to us’ bang another writer. “How many of us just turned down the deal.”

“That’s why you just laugh at men’s failures and don’t help them” tweets other.

However, other Twitter users rushed to consider other observations.

Lady Gaga reacts when a cameraman falls on the champagne-colored carpet at the 95th Academy Awards
REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

“She was clearly looking down at the lady picking something up from the floor” one user said Next to a slowed down version of the video.

“He’s actually in the process of picking himself up from his fall, and I think he’s just reaching out to someone who’s helping him and stabilizing himself.” another reviewer said. “You’re doing too much.”

“LMAO, she just wanted to help and he just took the opportunity to harass her” bang third user.

Lady Gaga - formerly known as Stefanie Germanotta - rushed to a photographer who was lying on the champagne carpet and helped him to his feet.
Lady Gaga – born Stefanie Germanotta – rushed to a photographer who was lying on a champagne carpet.

An unidentified photographer slapped him "born this way" Twice to the singer's back and buttocks, seemingly giving Gaga a look at him.
The photographer, who has not yet been identified, took two shots of the “Born This Way” singer’s back and buttocks.

The Post reached out to a rep for Gaga for comment.

Gaga — chapped lips, T-shirt and all — showed up at the ceremony to perform “Hold My Hand” from Tom Cruise’s action flick Top Gun: Maverick.

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