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Oregon Wants To Dumb Down Graduation Standards So It Can Hide How Badly It Is Failing Our Kids

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When Oregon parents sent our kids into the new school year, for the first time there was little COVID-19 Restrictions Since 2020, our bureaucrats at the State Capitol in Salem have suggested that we lower our requirements to make up for the fact that public schools are failing. If we don’t take a stand here, this could easily become a trend driven by other state government teachers’ unions.

During the pandemic, most lawmakers sat idly by while government teachers unions kept our children out of the classroom, causing two years of lost learning. On June 22, 2021, the Oregon Legislature passed SB 744, eliminating accountability measures that show whether high school graduates are reaching 10th grade levels in reading, writing and math.

Legal requirements Oregon Department of Education Recommendations to the Legislature to review state requirements for high school diplomas, including basic skills tests. Passing the law, the legislature lowered the bar for children because the system was so bad that they worried that fresh graduates would not be able to achieve 10th-grade proficiency.

Earlier this month, the Oregon Department of Education released their proposed changes to the Basic Skills Test and other requirements to earn an Oregon High School Diploma.

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The 182-page report recommends Basic Skills Test Permanently removed as a requirement, instead it is up to educators to determine proficiency through students’ course grades.

The Basic Skills Test was originally implemented as a high school graduation requirement, and more importantly, to ensure that 10th graders graduate on time. Now with the proposed recommendations, educators will have only grades to ensure students are not falling behind. It also removes all responsibility for schools to actually help students achieve the necessary proficiency.

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The report noted some confusion among parents, educators and students about how to complete basic skills tests, including things like standardized test, write examples, and other ways to demonstrate their understanding of core concepts. The ODE does not specify a requirement for testing, but recommends eliminating it entirely.

The move was undoubtedly supported by the government teachers’ union in the name of fairness, but it disappointed students from minority and underserved communities the most. The requirement, which the legislature voted to remove, is a checkpoint for students to receive additional help when they do not achieve the necessary proficiency, which is critical for underserved students who cannot afford tutoring or additional help upwards.

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Before the pandemic, Oregon was almost last in the nation Educational Success Indicators. The pandemic has only made this problem worse, and our children are now facing their biggest learning loss in 30 years. On top of that, our children will now be faced with graduating with a high school diploma that has less real-world value and applicability than students in other states. But — thanks to the Oregon Department of Education’s progressive state standards, they’ll be well-versed in gender identity, social justice, and social-emotional learning.

Instead of working to identify problems in our education system, provide solutions to address those problems, and take accountability measures to keep our students and systems on track, ODE has decided to put together a report recommending the removal of any student Standards struggle. In short, they are further eroding an already broken system.

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In just a few weeks, There are elections This will have a major impact on the direction our nation is heading, including setting these new graduation standards. Remember those candidates who degrade the quality of our children’s education.

As parents, we must vote for those who demand us Education System In fact, they strive to address the needs of difficult students, rather than ignore the problem by lowering standards. We must vote like our children’s education depends on it, because it does.

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