Opps meaning in Jimin’s Set Me Free Pt 2 lyrics explained as new ‘bop’ drops

BTS Jimin has dropped his pre-release single Set Me Free Pt 2, and fans are obsessed with the song’s funky lyrics! Jimin’s powerful song includes some wordplay and more, so here we break down what the Opps mean in Jimin’s Set Me Free Pt 2 lyrics.

Jimin’s latest album, Set Me Free Pt. 2, marks the start of his official solo debut, as the Grammy-nominated member of BTS prepares to release his album Face on March 24.

With a powerful performance and ravishing choreography, Set Me Free Pt. 2 Set the tone for Face high!

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Fans decode the meaning of Opps in Jimin’s Set Me Free Pt. 2 lyrics

One line in Jimin’s Set Me Free Pt 2 lyrics in particular caught fans’ attention when the Filter singer sang in the first verse: “I never stop, f*** all your opps, Finally free-ee.”

“Opps” on Jimin’s new song could mean an opinion, a dissent, or even an opinion piece, as the Vibe singer talks about getting rid of other people’s “ideas” and unabashedly accepting his reality.

The manifesto of self-liberation is clear in the second verse, with Jimin emphasizing, “Look at me now (what I am) / I won’t hide anymore, even if it hurts / Go crazy to keep my sanity / Raise my hands for the past I .”

The feeling of wanting to be free finds its final expression in the chorus, as Jimin dances proudly into the tune, singing “Now, let me be free-ee/Let me be free-ee, let me be free-ee.”

The full lyrics of the song are available through Genuis website.

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Jimin’s Set Me Free Pt. 2 gets the BTS ARMY excited as they react to their latest ‘bop’

Jimin impressed the BTS ARMY with his catchy pop song, and the song’s phenomenal ratings within hours of its release proved it was just the beginning!

A fan obsessed with the new song wrote: “Let go of me~ woo woo woo, this segment is so good! This song is so popular! I can’t stop listening to it!”

Another fan chimed in, “Set Me Free pt.2 is awesome! It’s like ON and Lie had a baby together! Jimin has a unique way of conveying his stories and emotions!”

The powerful lyrics of Jimin’s Set Me Free Pt 2 had the BTS ARMY hooked, with one tweeting:

All about Jimin’s face

Known as a one-of-a-kind performer, all eyes are currently on BTS Jimin as he begins his solo chapter. Jimin’s solo album Face will be released on March 24 at 1pm KST / 12am ET / 5am CET / 4am GMT.

According to BigHit Music’s Press releaseJimin’s solo debut Face is about the BTS member “facing himself head-on as he prepares for his next step as a solo artist.”

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In other news, Opps’ meaning in Jimin’s Set Me Free Pt 2 lyrics explained as new ‘bop’ drop

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