Only primary six pupils qualify for admission into our model colleges —Lagos govt –

Tunbosun Ogundare | Lagos

The Lagos state government has stressed that only primary six students from public and private schools will be eligible to sit for the upcoming entrance examinations at model colleges and upgrading secondary schools in the state.

It has also made registration and payment for JSS3 students’ exams and Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) (also known as Junior WAEC) strictly online.

On Tuesday, Mr. Orunsolu Adebayo, director of the Lagos State Examinations Board, explained in a statement provided by the head of the board’s public affairs department, Mr. Fatai Bakare, that the online registration and payment method for the two exams was to comply with the requirements of the state. Government policy to ensure seamless and stress-free access to government services across the state.

He explained that those who are registering or paying for the exam do not need to physically visit the exam board office as they can do so from anywhere they have access to the internet.

Explaining the process, Orunsolu said that each school where all applicants are required to log into a dedicated portal and create an account to generate a unique identification number (ID) and personalized identification number (PIN).

He said the process was seamless, but it required schools to strictly adhere to the guidelines and procedures set out on the portal.

He said registration had already started and late registrations would be penalized upon expiry, but noted that schools with candidates with special needs such as visually impaired and albinism should formally notify the board so that they can be fully prepared in advance. take an exam.

However, he stressed that those who are not eligible should not bother to register for the exam as they will not be allowed to sit for the applicable two exams.

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