On unrepentant racism of the west –

Scholars and students of African history will not be surprised by the recent reaction in the Western media, especially the British media, referring to Morocco as an Arab country because of their traditional tendency to attribute every success of Africans to foreign factors.

This has been their antics for centuries. Seeing the miracles of Egypt and the Nile region, they were compelled to attribute these successes to the Ham tribe. Unfortunately, this Eurocentric assumption has long been refuted. They failed miserably.

Everything good from Africa to the average European has its roots in Europe. But unfortunately for them, we have long since moved away from this primitive belief.

African players who won the FIFA World Cup 2018 for France kept silent, Africans made a huge contribution against Covid 19, they refused to give credit to them, but when some African Britons missed penalty in Euro 2020 final , they were insulted. And in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Harry Kane can miss a crucial penalty against France without any opposition.

Geographically, Morocco is located in Africa. Morocco is one of five (5) countries representing Africa in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. They are native Berbers. But since they don’t believe in the strength and capabilities of Africans, they engage in their usual antics (in which their ancestors thrived), attributing African success to foreign factors.

When Tobi Amusan wins the women’s 100m hurdles at the 2022 World Championships in Athletics, their hatred of Africans will prevent the same British commentators from wholeheartedly praising the talented Nigerian’s bravery . But if she’s British, American or Jamaican, their media space is shut down.

The hypocritical racism that has no place and brings British football to its knees should stop. They are racist.

If this hypocrisy continues, it will consume them. We will continue to remind them that colonialism has destabilized African countries. It changes our development model. It sets us back. It deprives us of human and material resources that could be used to develop African countries. It destroys our rich history. It destroys our culture. It cost us everything.

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Without the human and material resources looted from Africa, European countries would have been extinct long ago. Without Africa, there would be no North and South America. If it weren’t for the continuous exploitation of African resources, economies such as the United Kingdom would have collapsed long ago.

The West has benefited more from Africa than Africa has from it. Africa can survive without the West, and the West cannot and never will survive without Africa.

The modern western generation must be properly guided. They never continue from where their ancestors left off. Instead, they will pay for the pain their ancestors caused us.

This is a modern African continent. We will write our own history. We will determine our own destiny. We will never allow any opportunist to entertain guests on the grounds of weakness again.

Adewale Qudus Lawal,


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