Olivia Frazer and Jackson Rooney Cheating Scandal Viral Twitter Leaked Video

A well-known internet celebrity named Olivia Fraser and Jackson Rooney has shocked all of her fans by engaging publicly for the first time since last month’s cheating scandal. Olivia Frazer has drawn attention after creating her own account on the popular paid subscription streaming site. The 28-year-old influencer and her plumber boyfriend, 31, travelled from the Central Coast to Sydney in their 1.2 million white Rolls-Royce for the inauguration of the Cabana bar in Martin Place. Get more info on Olivia Frazer’s viral Twitter video.

Olivia Fraser

The Internet celebrity came to the bar, got out of the luxury car, and met a group of media reporters. Social media star Jackson’s boyfriend is staring at every inch of the gentleman as he opens the door for his girlfriend. Olivia looked stunning in a black denim jacket with a matching tee, latex trousers and boots. Her boyfriend Jackson, on the other hand, was wearing a black shirt with the top two buttons open along with jeans and sneakers. The couple enjoyed each other’s company at the party and showed off their strong chemistry.

The influencer then met her friend Carolina Santos who appeared at MAFS and gave her a pleasant kiss on the cheek. Carolina’s boyfriend Daniel Holmes joined Olivia Fraser and his girlfriend Carolina. Less than two weeks ago, they discovered Jackson had betrayed his girlfriend Olivia of 20 years on a party night, with Han Hughes leaving her distressed girlfriend behind. Olivia is said to have left the party and returned home, but his boyfriend continued to enjoy the party, ending up with another woman at the lounge bar.

When he kissed another girl, he had no idea that the video and images were recorded on the internet and spread like wildfire. When Olivia learns of her boyfriend’s betrayal, she is stunned. Jackson said he was drunk and is now seeking help with his alcoholism. Olivia, on the other hand, said she’s struggling with her emotions right now. She also said they were still together, but was left speechless after learning of his partner. Until then, we’ll be in touch with you soon with more information, stay tuned to Social Telecast.

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