Obi restates confidence in Nigeria judiciary to serve justice –

Òsárétín Òsádébàmwén, Abuja

The Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate, Mr Peter Gregory Obi, said the Nigerian judiciary is the best in the world for delivering justice.

The Labor presidential candidate added that he has confidence in the judiciary, not least because it has been delivering justice in all matters he has brought to it.

He said the disappointment with Nigeria’s election was global.

He said the whole world is wondering about the outcome of the election, however, his confidence in the judiciary to deliver justice is because members of the judiciary are Nigerians who don’t want the country to collapse, especially their children, who are among the young A member of generation.

Stressing his confidence in the Nigerian judiciary, Obi said: “I was in court for three years when, like I said, when people said it was impossible to get my mandate back through the courts, I became First.

“I was impeached, I went to court and they said it was impossible because someone else had already been elected and sworn in as governor, but I changed it.

“I’ve been to the courts, several times, and I don’t have any reason to doubt the courts. Why do I say that? I believe Nigeria has one of the best judiciaries in the world.

“It’s us, the politicians trying to sabotage it, because the nature of our deal is trying to make sure there’s corruption everywhere.

That, in our judiciary, even in this case, I would reverse it.

“Globally, they are asking what happened to the Nigerian election. Africans are surprised that the African giant can no longer deliver on the election result. We are not talking about something great, just the election.

“So what’s our problem?

“I’m not going anywhere to mention how other people have been treated. I’m sure they don’t want the country to collapse despite their recent controversial judgments.

“They don’t want the country to collapse on their children!” Òbi said.

Presidential candidate Labor has also asked Obidians to ensure they do not vote blindly in gubernatorial elections across the country.

Obi, who appeared on Channels TV Sunrise, said Obi-dients should vote for character strength and compassion.

He noted that Labor had no candidates for Guber in any state. Still, in states where the party has candidates like Abia, Kaduna Lagos and others, the Obbidians should make a big splash at the polling stations and turn out mass votes for their governorships.

The LP presidential candidate said that he got a large number of Lagos native votes, which made the LP win with real votes, and he pointed out that the LP candidate in Lagos has the ability and ability to manage the affairs of the country.

He urged Obi-dients in Lagos to vote for LP candidate Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour and turn around Lagos state in every field.

LP gubernatorial candidate Gbadebo Vivour says he is confident of winning the election to be held on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

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