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The Indian politician and lawyer Nupur Sharma has become the subject of discussion ever since her controversial remark on the Prophet Muhammad went viral on social media. The senior official from the governing Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) had made an outrageous comment on the Mohammad in a TV debate about 10 days ago. On Sunday, she was even suspended from the party. Now, this whole matter is creating a lot of controversy on social media. Here, let us find out what did Nupur Sharma say and what was that statement that hurt the sentiments of the minor community.

According to reports, Nupur Sharma’s offensive comments were made during a debate on the dispute over the Gyanvapi mosque. Hindus have claimed that the mosque which is located in Varanasi was built on the ruins of a grand 16th Century Hindu Shrine. According to them, the shrine was destroyed by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1669 and now, some are seeking a court’s permission to pray within the mosque complex. A video-recorded survey of the mosque revealed a stone shaft. The petitioners claimed it to be a Shivlinga. However, the mosque authorities kept saying that it was a water fountain instead.

Nupur Sharma Viral Video

Currently, the dispute is being heard in court but the claims and counter-claims are being debated endlessly on TV channels. Let us tell you that Nupur Sharma made the abusive remark against Prophet Muhammad which seemed to have hurt the feelings of the Indian Muslims and the other Muslim nations. In recent days, calls have grown louder for the senior official to be arrested for her blasphemous comments. It has been reported that on Tuesday, the Delhi Police strengthened her security, citing a threat to her life from a militant group.

Let us also add that since Nupur Sharma’s suspension, support has also been growing for the former BJP spokesperson. Recently, Tanu Weds Manu actress Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram to share a story. The actress wrote that Nupur is entitled to her opinions and went on to condemn the death threats against the leader. Kangana also urged the people to take the legal route if they wanted Nupur Sharma to be held responsible for the comments she made during a TV debate. On another side, Nupur Sharma has also issued an apology on her Twitter account. For more updates on the matter, follow our site, Social Telecast, and get all the crucial information.

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