North Yorkshire Helicopter Crash Viral Video and Images Check CCTV Footage

A horrific accident took place in Yorkshire that shocked the entire county. The news even widely spread all over the county and even become the talk of the town. The latest reports claimed that it was a helicopter crash that claimed the life of some people. The awful accident ensued in a North Yorkshire field. The mishap even gained the attention of the police authority and they reached the spot and analyze the aftermath. The police officials disclosed the identities of the victims. Obtain more information on the Helicopter crash that claimed the life of two people in the North Yorkshire field.

The investigation affirmed that Ian Macdonald who was 66 years old accompanied by a teenager named Admarshu Birhan 16 years old was the passenger when they met with this dreaded accident that claimed their life. The police official further informed that the 66 years old lost his life in a crash near his home in the village of Burton in Lonsdale on the afternoon of Monday, 20th June 2022. The locals informed police officials that the boy was living nearby the family for past some months.

The District councillor of Craven named Stuart Handley resides in Burton in Lonsdale stated that one of the two victims of the crash Ian was one of the beloved people of his village. During an interview with a splendid media organization wherein, he shared condolence with Ian’s household. Along with that he also expressed his sympathy for the family members of German exchange student Admarshu Birhan’s family. The counsellor further informed that Macdonald was a friendly and humble person and was often spotted at some shows and pubs in his village. He said that he was shocked after learning about this distressing news.

On behalf of the reports, it was Ian who was operating the chopper owned by him was a Guimbal Cabri G2 aircraft that crashed in a massive field located near his home. However, the reason for the chopper’s crash is still unclear. Netizens are assuming that it got crashed due to malfunction. As of now, it has been officially confirmed by any of the authorities.

Lately, the investigation team affirmed that they will soon detect the reason for the plane crash. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family members. We hope that the pure soul will rest in peace. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.

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