North will support Obi to Rescue Nigeria –

Supporters of the Labor presidential candidate, backed by the Nigerian and Diaspora Obidati People’s Movement (ODPMND), expressed optimism that northern Nigeria would back its candidate, Peter Obi.

The campaign’s National Coordinator, His Excellency Charles Obiora Anueyiagu, on Peter Obi’s campaign trip to Kaduna on Wednesday 2023 This was previously stated at a press conference in Kaduna on Monday.

Worn by Bon Nebo and Kenneth Chukwu, he insists that Obi’s popularity in the region is gradually increasing.

“The North now sees the wisdom of supporting Obidati as president. We sincerely believe that North Korea will support Obidati’s campaign to save the country on May 29,” he stressed.

According to the group, the LP’s president has some qualities over his opponent, saying a presidential candidate’s character and ability are two traits that work in his favour.

“This is the first time that all Nigerians, regardless of tribe, region or religion, have expressed their opinion on the Labor Party’s candidacy.

“This is the first time that Nigerians and the rest of the world have received the same love for presidential and vice-presidential candidates for their good leadership.

“Our victory in the upcoming elections is therefore the right signal for a rebirth of integrity and a shift in the psyche of our people towards a non-corrupt character.

“Nigerians will choose their leaders and not impose them on others. This is the greatest opportunity God has given people to determine our future. We must take advantage of it.

To that end, he said, “Their victory will rekindle Nigerians’ hopes for a functioning democracy. This victory is our collective victory, and it guarantees the future that God has blessed our country with.

“To sum up, you will all agree that with the victory of OBI-DATTI, our future is bright and we will achieve it together by God’s grace,” the group said.

According to them, some of the prominent personalities supporting Obi in the north include Alhaji Umar Farouk Ibrahim, Alhaji Mannir Rabiu Katsina, AIG Hadi Zarewa Rtd, Mike Ayuba Auta, Hon Jonathan Asake and Hon Bashir Idris.

The others are Aliyu Zangon Aya, Hon MS Ibrahim, Alhaji Audi Makama Alhaji Maitama Danmasani Kano and Hon Auwal Tafoki

“We therefore encourage everyone to take part in this historic political campaign to liberate and advance the Nigerian people,” they said.

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