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Nong-O Gaiyanghadao Ends Liam Harrison’s Night Early

Nong-O Gaiyanghadao Credit: ONE Championship

On the first card of ONE Championship’s new deal with Amazon to stream the cards on Prime Video, two modern Muay Thai veteran politicians face off as nak muay (meaning Muay Thai fighter from Thailand), Nong-O Gaiyanghadao Wanted to defend his bantamweight title against British Farang (a Muay Thai fighter from a Western country not Thailand) Liam Harrison.

Nong-O, dubbed one of the best pound-for-pound nak muays of the current era, came out on top with a devastating uppercut win over Felipe Lobo, his sixth straight since winning the inaugural ONE Muay Thai Bantamweight The title of the reigning champion 2019.

Liam Harrison came out on top to knock out revered former Lempini Stadium champion Muangthai, which netted him a staggering $100,000 from the cut as the The race is one of the most fun single rounds. History of promotions. Harrison was knocked down twice in a row at the start of the fight, but he came back with three straight knockouts himself to bring home the victory and the title.

At 35 and 36 years old, Nong-O and Harrison are two truly remarkable and unique examples of a longevity campaign that doesn’t usually reward persistence for so long. Most nak muays fight in small Thai shows from a very young age and have played hundreds of matches in their 20s, when they would normally spend their heyday. For example, Nong-O has 326 matches, but it is not uncommon for someone 10 years younger to have so many matches, as seen in the record of ONE Champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon, who has only 6 matches . Fight less at twenty-five. As a side note, Liam Harrison has a paltry one hundred and sixteen fights under his belt, which is more common among the Farangs.

The bout began with Nong-O clinically kicking and jabs. As a fighter integrated into the fight, he can be expected not to come out like a torch, which is usually Liam Harrison’s methodology, although for him the challenger is more careful here to deal with such tough test. However, the champion used a big right hand early, which caught Liam’s attention. Soon, he kicked his enemy’s leg with a low kick, making him noticeably weak. It was followed by another perfect kick that knocked the Brit to the ground and caused a dozen. Harrison howled in pain and shook his head at one point, causing the referee to call off the game. The power and placement of the kick, right on the “Killer’s” knee, caused extraordinary damage in such a short period of time, even relative to the high standards of Thai kicks.

Liam Harrison was able to get out of the cage and all observers will surely hope he doesn’t suffer long-term damage. Regardless, it was the lucky number seventh title defense for the legendary Nong-O, his fourth straight knockout, and he did it in less than a third of any other knockout at ONE Championship. After a short night at the office, he was awarded a $50,000 bonus for his productivity.


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