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Nigerians must be very prayerful this year —Rev Adeonigbagbe –

Reverend Emmanuel Adetunji Adeonigbagbe (PhD), founder and spiritual leader of the Celica Church of Christ worldwide, has released his predictions for 2023, as he does every year.

Recently, a servant of God told journalists at the headquarters of the Celica Christian Church, 7 km from New Ive Road, Ibadan, that this is a year that must be prayed a lot, saying that it is a year full of difficulties.

He said: “This year has been a difficult one and one must pray very much.

“It is known that the palm tree has been cut in half and is rotten. The fruit on the tree is dry.

“Nigeria can also be likened to a driver who drives a truck full of people to a destination, but the truck suffers from different mechanical problems along the way and ends up in a river. That’s what happened in Nigeria.”

“This is the year that human decisions will lead to great failure; let the Lord direct your steps this year.

“This year, you can’t be malicious to people, so that the Lord can open the rain of blessings for you.

“If you want to enjoy the Lord’s blessing, grace and mercy this year, you must abide by these four things; listen to God’s orders, ask for God’s orders, obey God’s orders, and follow God’s orders wholeheartedly.”

He added: Your slogan for 2023 comes from Psalm 32, verse 8, which says, “I will show you and teach you the way you should go; I will counsel you and my eyes will be on you.”

Adeonigbagbe further said, let us pray for the country; people saw the flag of Nigeria defaced and torn in different places.

“Let us pray for Nigeria; people see water flowing from the rivers through the land making the land fertile but water flowing back into the rivers providing no relief to the land. Please seriously pray that resources are not wasted this year

“Nigeria has no messiah in its political journey. If Nigeria is not careful, there could be an interim government in the country.

“Those in positions of authority will be degraded unless they retrace their steps to God. They will start this year with fruitless activities. They will be disillusioned.

He said: “Nigeria is polluted by the blood of innocent people, God will come against the wicked who pollute this land.”

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