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Nicole Franzel Dreams Of Competing On Big Brother Again

Three-time returnee Nicole Franzell dreams of returning big brother Play again. Nicole first entered the famous house in 2014 when she competed in the show’s 16th season. While she didn’t make it to the end of the competition, Nicole did find herself on the jury. Two summers later, Nicole returned as one of four former players joining an all-new cast for Season 18. Nicole ended up winning that award. In 2020, Nicole nearly became the first ever two-time champion when she entered the competition Big Brother: All Stars.

Screening video of the day

Although nicole has three seasons and one win under her belt, she big brother The journey may not be over forever. Thursday, January 19, Nicole A Q&A with her followers on her Instagram story as she prepares for the day.

One fan wrote in the question box, “I loved you in Big Brother; will you and Victor ever play Big Brother again?Surprisingly, Nicole admitted that she would love to be on the show again. In fact, she explained that the night before she was asked about it, she had a dream in which she was competing big brother Again, but this time with a cast made up entirely of newbies. These dreams are common to Nicole.

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Nicole always thinking about ‘Big Brother world’ and competing again

after being betrayed by a friend Big Brother: All Stars WinnerCody Calafiore, Nicole hinted that she would never talk about the show again, let alone take part in another season. Now, after taking time to heal, her perspective on the show has changed. Nicole admits her thoughts are “always in big brother worldShe then revealed that she would compete again. If the opportunity presented itself, she would also convince her husband and alumni, Victor Arroyo, to compete again. Although it didn’t take much convincing for Victor to play big brother Nicole revealed again that he too would love to compete survivor.

Nicole’s Chance big brother A fourth time might be more likely than she thought.As the milestone 25th season approaches, there are rumors that the next big brother will be second chance season. Other rumors claim that the cast will consist of half returnees and half newcomers. Even though Nicole doesn’t need a second chance at the show since she’s already won a season, she might get the call if the former HouseGuests returns for season 25. Now that Nicole has made it public that she’d love to return to the ring, there’s a good chance she’ll take the offer if she wants to.

Although she does want to play big brother To compete again, Nicole had to accept the opportunity when the time was right.as Nicole and Victor Hope In order to expand their family with a second child as quickly as possible, Nicole had to make sure she wasn’t pregnant or had recently given birth when given the opportunity. In addition to these two situations, Nicole accepted the invitation for the fourth time.maybe she really will be the first twice big brother Winner one day.

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source: Nicole Franzell/Instagram

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