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Netflix Defends Filming Conditions On Real-life Squid Game Show

A handful of contestants on a reality show Netflix is ​​developing Squid Game: Challenge Needed medical attention on Monday after enduring freezing temperatures on set. The series is currently filming at two studios in the UK, where temperatures reportedly reached 30 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 1 degree Celsius) on Monday while filming a red-light, green-light game, resulting in at least one contestant being carried off on a stretcher.

A total of 456 global entrants took part in the reality TV spin-off, who will take part in various challenges inspired by the Netflix series to win $4.56 million (£3.7 million) in cash prizes.Red light, green light game, as shown in the original squid game series, participants were asked to remain quiet and motionless under the gaze of a giant robotic doll, only moving when the doll’s back was turned, lest they be “terminated” from the game.

“There were people who thought they were going to be millionaires, but they walked away with tears in their eyes.”

“Even with hypothermia, people are willing to stay as long as possible because there’s a lot of money hanging in the balance,” he said. One contestant told the British tabloid sun“Too many people decide not to move, so they stand there for too long. Some people think they will become millionaires, but they walk away with tears in their eyes.”

Of the 456 entrants – some of whom are not UK residents and may not be acclimated to the British winter – fewer than five reportedly required medical attention. type One competitor reportedly inadvertently injured his shoulder after hitting the wall, while others were treated for minor ailments.Contestants are believed to have received hand warmers and thermal underwear to prepare for the colder weather, as well as the original’s signature green tracksuit squid game series.

Netflix claims contestants were warned of cold weather before filming

In a statement shared with typeA Netflix spokesperson said, “We care deeply about the health and safety of our cast and crew and invest in all appropriate safety procedures. While it was very cold on set – and participants were prepared for it – any serious injuries All claims are untrue.”

Korean original squid game series breaking ratings records After being viewed by 111 million subscribers in the first 28 days of 2021, it airs on the Netflix streaming platform. Given its popularity, the decision to create a live-action series around the series came as no surprise.But, given the brutal backdrop of the original show, nor were the reports of injuries on set, where only one contestant could win a cash prize as the sole player. literally Stay alive after a series of increasingly deadly challenges.

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