Nathan Ake with t*ts mug goes viral after Jack Grealish mocks teammate on Instagram

Manchester City’s Jack Grealish has been in a lot of trouble for posting a controversial photo of Nathan Ake with a mug on his Instagram Story

The post showed a photo of teammate Nathan Ake with breasts added. The image was captioned: “What a cup of tea 😍 and what a cup @nathanake 😭😭😭😭😭.”

Nathan Ake goes viral with t*ts mug after Jack Grealish taunts teammate on Instagram Story

The post has since been deleted but caused a stir on social media.

Jack Grealley is a famous football player who currently plays for Manchester City. The club bought the midfielder from Aston Villa for £100m in August 2021. This makes him one of the most expensive English footballers of all time. He has impressed at City and has been one of the club’s most important players this season.

Grealish recently told Manchester City’s official website that team-mate Nathan Ake is one of the best footballers he has ever seen. He also liked Ake’s performance and said he was one of the best players of the season.

Controversy surrounding Jack Grealish: Fans divided over Instagram post

But the latest controversy has some on social media questioning Jack Grealish’s judgment. Some fans criticized him for posting the photo, while others defended him, saying it was just a joke between teammates.

Jack Grealish’s campaign also sparked discussion about how athletes should use social media. Social media is a great way for athletes to connect with fans, but it can also cause trouble if used incorrectly. What athletes post on social media can affect their public image and even their careers.

Overall, the controversy shows how important it is for athletes and other public figures to use social media responsibly. Still, it’s clear that Grealish will need to be more careful about what he posts on social media in the future. How City will respond remains to be seen.

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