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Nate Landwehr, David Onama Tear the House Down at UFC San Diego

Nate Landwehr and David Onama, UFC San Diego ceremony weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Featherweights Nate Landwehr and David Onama went down during the co-main event at UFC San Diego. The pair had only previously scheduled a fight to lose. On Saturday, they finally faced off in shared headlines in front of a large crowd of fans in San Diego. The fight surpassed delivery as it was one of the most dramatic and exciting fights of the year.

As expected, favorite Onama came out strong in the first round. He seriously injured Nate Landwehr several times and appeared to be close to completion, but “Train” was able to control Onama’s posture and prevent him from finishing the fight with the ground and the pound. On top of that, Nate’s iron jaw is shown.

That all changed when the fighters showed up for the second round. Nate combines distance and dirty knocks to defeat his fast-wearing foes. Onama, in particular, couldn’t handle the clenching job, and he kept trying to swing his patented wild, powerful hook in short distances and bowed his head down to his knees. He went from tired to completely exhausted as the bout went on, and now Landwell seems to be close to being done. Arguably, this battle could have stopped many times.

On the bench between rounds, coach James Krause asked his students if they wanted to continue, and Onama took a long time to answer, eventually he said yes. In the third round he stood up and everyone was wondering how he could live another thirty seconds, let alone five minutes.

For a while it was more of the same. Onama fell to the ground several times in pursuit, but Nate got up and walked away, hitting the crowd instead of trying to finish his opponent. Onama stood up again and again. To everyone’s surprise, near the midpoint of the round, he dropped a big bomb that shook Landwell. However, the ensuing panic didn’t sink Landwell’s iron jaw. Landwehr ate everything and came back even harder, shooting at Onama, almost finishing him many times in a pinch and on the ground. Finally, with the clatter of ten seconds, David Onama unleashed a wild bomb that knocked Landwell on the cushion against the cage. At that point, the crowd was as loud as any UFC event. While Onama was unable to finish the fight and lost his decision, he survived one of the craziest fights in a long time, winning a moral victory. A fight that followed an incredible women’s strawweight bout that everyone thought was going to win the night fight left them off guard.

In the post-game interview, Nate The Train gave a signature interview in his patented Tennessee accent, with a rude accent that would make Nate Diaz proud. “Nate the Train in UFC Babes!” he repeated over and over, to the cheers of the crowd. Everyone wins tonight.

Official result: Nate Landwehr def. David Onama majority decision (28-28, 29-27, 29-27)


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