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Natalie McNally Killer “a Monster, Not A Person” Says Brother

Natalie McNally’s killer was not a human being but a “complete monster,” her brother said.

Niall McNally said he and McNally’s family will not rest until her killer is brought to justice.

“He’s an absolute monster, he’s not alone,” Neil told Live from Belfast.

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“Last month I saw the good in people, you can see how good people are.

“I don’t want to label him the same amazing person sending messages of support, sharing police appeals and CCTV and trying to get the word out there.

“He’s just a total monster, how could someone do that to not only a person but to our Natalie, you can’t speak ill of her.”

The 32-year-old woman, who was 15 weeks pregnant, died on Sunday night, December 18, in her Silverwood Green by Lurgan.

Her family said if it was a boy she would have called her baby Dean – sadly she passed away a few days before the ultrasound which would confirm this and the family gave as she wished The child is named Dean.

Neil McNally

A month after she was brutally murdered, Neil said they were still grieving, but they were also focused on getting justice.

“It means the world, it’s not going to get Natalie back, but it will make things a little bit easier and that person is off the street,” he said.

“Not just for us, but for everyone in this community, everyone is scared.

“People have been messaging me saying ‘I can’t sleep at night’ and everyone just wants to get back to safety and getting this monster off the streets will help.”

Niall admits the murder investigation has received extensive news coverage and Belfast Live is demanding more information about Natalie so she can be known beyond the senseless killings.

“She’s a smart person, always happy, I’ve never seen her sad,” Neil said.

Natalie is a big killer fan

“She was always upbeat about life and everything – she loved going to concerts and The Killers was number one.

“She texted me a few days before she passed away asking if I wanted to go with her to the Killers game in September.

“She wants to bring mom and dad because she loves them and she wants to bring them.”

In addition to music, Natalie loves sports, work, activism and animals.

“She was with us at Everton for our dad’s 60th birthday and she said it was fantastic, she’d never seen anything like it,” Neil said.

“Obviously, we’ve played Armada all summer and all our youth.

“She loves her job and she works with transport link In marketing, she works in the office, but she also goes out into the community to talk to people, and she always comes back to tell us who she’s been talking to and who she’s helped.

“She’s very, very passionate about her activism, not to mention her women’s rights.

Natalie was murdered on Sunday 18 December

Natalie was murdered on Sunday 18 December

“When they had a referendum on abortion laws in the South, she always shared and helped with that, and when it passed, she went to Dublin, celebrated at rallies and so on.

“She was very motivated to try to bring it here and thank goodness they finally did, she was always interested in everything.”

For Natalie’s parents, the grieving process continues, and Neil said they carry a heavy burden.

“They were obviously very sad, more than anyone,” he said.

“Their only daughter and first grandchild were also deprived, which is hard to believe you would have said the week before Christmas.

“Christmas may never be the same for them again, life may never be the same for them again.

The McNally family attend Armagh game together

The McNally family attend Armagh game together

“A grandson, a cousin, a nephew – my mum was going to buy a pram and take the kids around Lake Craigavon ​​every day and they were so excited.

“We were all looking forward to it and now it’s been snatched, it’s heartbreaking.”

Neil also said that while he understands people’s desire to help, the family is sometimes powerless to stop online speculation about Natalie’s death.

“Rumours, there’s nothing we can do about it,” he added.

“Honestly, the people who said that, I don’t believe they meant any malice, they really cared, they just wanted to get to the bottom of it.

“I just want to say some rumours, they are not true.

“I don’t feel sorry for them in any way for saying those things, it’s just that they think they’re helping and sometimes that’s not the case.”

Natalie is passionate about animals

Natalie is passionate about animals

The family’s resolve to bring Natalie’s killers to justice has been strengthened by the support of the local community and further afield.

He also added that they are very relieved by the government’s efforts PSNI Catch the killer and say the family fully believes they will.

“Obviously we miss Natalie terribly and what happened was hard for us,” Neal said.

“It came fast, it came slow, it felt like each day was passing by in an instant, but in a sense it felt like 10 years had passed.

“But we just keep fighting, but right now the fight for justice is getting us through this month, and we’re going to keep going until we get there.”

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