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NAHCON assures Saudi aviation authority on smooth 2023 Hajj operations –

The Nigerian National Hajj Council (NAHCON) on Thursday assured Nigerian pilgrims intending to make the Hajj in 2023 that they will be able to perform their pilgrimage without incident.

The committee made this assurance during a visit to the Saudi Arabian General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) headquarters in Jeddah by a delegation led by Chairman/CEO Alhaji Zikrullah Kunle Hassan.

Alhaji Hassan, while expressing his gratitude to GACA for its support during last year’s Hajj, reaffirmed the committee’s commitment to make the 2023 Hajj a smooth one, according to a press release to Tribune Online by Mousa Ubandawaki, assistant director of information and publications at NAHCON. .

“Let me formally express my deep gratitude to the authorities for their understanding and support during Hajj last year and assure you that by signing the MoU at the earliest opportunity, we will do everything we can to ensure that Hajj 2023 will be a complete success.

“We are ready to organize an excellent and successful Hajj. We are really committed to making it happen.

“Now that we have ample time and opportunity to plan and carefully screen airlines, there is no room for complaints and excuses,” the chairman was quoted as saying in a press release.

In response, Engineer Nazim Pazhair, General Manager of Hajj Operations at GACA, commended NAHCON for its unwavering commitment to improving the welfare and services of Nigerian pilgrims.

According to him, “We value NAHCON’s role in Hajj management and we are delighted that Nigeria has recovered the allocation of 95,000.

“We hope that the committee will complete the screening process as soon as possible so that we can start preparing slots and timetables for the airlines.

“We look forward to a better working relationship during Hajj,” Pazhair said.

He then highlighted the need for cooperation between the two organizations in order to make this year’s Hajj a success, adding: “We have an obligation to pilgrims all over the world and we want them all to perform Hajj with ease and comfort.

“So it is important that both of us work in solidarity so that the pilgrims can receive the pilgrimage.”

According to Ubandawaki, members of the NAHCON delegation included Ambassador Mansur Abdulkareem, Consul General of Nigeria to Saudi Arabia; Commissioner for Operational Licensing and Inspection, Alhaji Abdullahi Magaji Hardawa; Policy Personnel Management and Finance (PPMF), Alhaji Nura Hassan Yakassai and Planning Studies Statistics and Library Services (PRSILS), Sheikh Suleman Momoh.

Other members of the delegation were representatives of the Chairman/Secretary Forum, AHUON Chairman Alh Yahaya Nasidi; NAHCON Secretary Dr. Abdullah Kotangora and some of the committee staff.

In another development, the commission reached an agreement with the car syndicate on Thursday, with Alhaji Hassan signing an agreement.

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