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My Partner Blames All Of Our Problems On My Menopause

DEAR DEIDRE: Whenever I feel tired or depressed, my partner puts it down to menopause.

All I want is a little sympathy, support and understanding. But he acted like I had no real difficulties and they were just “women’s problems”.

I am 52 and he is 54. We have been together for 20 years.

He never supported me even though I always helped him through Mental Health question.

He said things like, “I don’t know why you put up with me” and “I don’t deserve you” – and I started to think he was right.

The main thing that makes me miserable in my life is him. I always had to help him through a crisis, sort out his mess or help him financially.

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It’s not my hormones!

all i want is return feel lovedappreciate and listen.

DEIDRE says: Your relationship is stuck in an unhealthy pattern: you give and he takes; you are the capable one and he is the one who needs support.

You’ve fallen into the role of mother, not lover.
You need to articulate how unhappy you are.

My support package, Take Care of Your Relationship, should help.

Couples counseling may also be considered. Learn more about this therapy with Tavistock Relationships (tavistockrelationships.org).

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