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By Dr. Wale Okediran

My father in his 70s found it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Please tell me how to help him with this problem.

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As a person ages, they often experience changes in routines, behaviors, medications, and overall health. Sleeping difficulties (insomnia) occur when a person has difficulty falling asleep or getting good-quality sleep. There are several possible risk factors and causes for insomnia in older adults. They include underlying medical or psychiatric conditions and reactions to medications. Many older adults experience insomnia, which can be due to mental health issues, medical conditions, and lifestyle changes. Treatment may include improving sleep habits, therapy, and medication. However, insomnia is not a natural part of aging—many older adults have no trouble sleeping. Several treatments and therapies may be helpful, and the doctor should tailor them to a person’s needs. Treatment varies from person to person. It usually involves a combination of medications, natural remedies, and changing sleep habits. The goal of treatment is to reduce the number of insomnia episodes and help prevent daytime symptoms and possible complications.

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