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Mums Spend £23 On Flights To Lanzarote And Had ‘the Best Day Ever’

Two mums shared how they spent the day on a flight to Lanzarote for just £23 and had a great time. The two wonderful moms have gone viral on social media after their spontaneous adventure.

They took the day off and shared their antics online, garnering almost 2 million views.post to Her TikTok account “0nlyMums”, This woman decided that a day in the Canary Islands was the best way to escape the January blues.

“Well I had a great weekend as I just booked a £23 flight to Spain for the day to beat the January blues – me and my girlfriends – packed lunches for the kids on Monday and I Will be back at midnight!” she said.

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In another video, she shared photos of her living her best life in Lanzarote, saying it was “better than shopping at Sainsbury’s on a Sunday!”

She urged people to be more spontaneous, saying you can do more for less on days off and still be in bed at midnight.

“Ladies, if you just feel like you have a day to spare, take it! You can definitely make it.

“We woke up at 3.45am – we had the best day in Lanzarote. We’ve been to the sea, had sex three times at beach cocktail parties, been to Zara – what more do you need? Book a flight! “

The video garnered more than 600,000 views in 15 hours, and the comments section was flooded with messages of positivity and love for the mums.

Viewers saw the couple as “legendary,” while many began tagging their friends in the viral video saying “We need to do this!”

One viewer praised the duo saying, “This energy is amazing! Well done ladies! Hope you all have the best time!”, while another said, “This is what life is about.”

Others who also took the spontaneous day trip shared their experiences.

“Doing this for a laugh and going to Germany for a day. Sounds cheesy but you just have to see the whole trip as the fun part, not the destination,” commented one.

“Very interesting, I did it with colleagues, very interesting, been to Venice, Milan, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Amsterdam, Dublin – all the places I’ve never seen,” said another.

Not everyone has a positive experience catching a last minute flight though. One user said: “My friend did this this weekend, it was snowing at Manchester Airport and she was on the plane for 9 hours while they sorted it out.”

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