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Mum In Bishop Challoner Hair Braid Row Breaks Silence After ‘overwhelming’ Support

A mum who went viral after claiming a city school discriminated against her daughter because of her dreadlocks has been ‘overwhelmed’ by the support. Jade Samuels accuses Bishop Challoner Catholic College of banning her children from cafeteria and playground Because of her braids.

angry mom tweeted king heath The school was particularly against her braiding her hair into a heart shape.tv star and thousands of others supported Ms. Samuels is over there.

Ms Samuels said she gave the school a “lesson on the history of black women’s hair” and “the cultural significance of braids”. In response, Bishop Challoner said “braids are allowed in schools”.

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A statement released by the school yesterday read: “Bishop Challoner Catholic College is very clear that braiding is permitted at the school. If parents/carers have any concerns, they can follow a clear process to address their concerns.”

following Cyclone 24 hours, Ms Samules broke her silence for the first time to thank people for their support. She added that her daughter is “grateful that the world sees her”.

Ms Samuels tweeted this morning: “Thank you all for the years of support for me, Rae and all the other kids affected by this issue. It’s kind of overwhelming because I honestly didn’t know it was going to blow up so much .

“Ray is okay. She really appreciates the world seeing her.

“If I don’t respond, it’s not personal, it’s just too much. I’m taking care of Rae’s health and I’m a stay-at-home mom. Big love to all — protecting black girls.”

World African Day, a group that aims to educate and celebrate African hair, is also supporting Ms Samuels and her daughter. SEO and founder Michelle De Leon told birmingham live: “This student’s hairstyle is representative of her Afro-Caribbean ancestry – so it cannot be banned without exception under protected racial traits.

“We developed recent Equality and Human Rights Commission guidelines to prevent discrimination against Afro hair in schools. Following these guidelines would have prevented another Afro child from being harmed by school uniform policy.

“There is a lot of help for schools that want to prepare their students for their wellbeing. We don’t want to say the same thing in 2033. I will continue to work for the next generation of this country to grow up free with impunity to Africa at the center.”

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