Most Viewed Technology News in 1401

The year 1401 is over, for better or worse, and now we’re about to start a new year. With this question in mind, we’re now going to take a look back at a collection of the most talked-about news stories in technology from the past year; for that reason, we invite you to stick with Zomit until the end of this article.

10. Best Video Creation and Editing Programs for Android and iOS

It looks like Zoomit users are very interested in the video making and editing program on their phones android and iOS Because the article introducing the best apps for creating and editing smartphone movies has been viewed the most 1401 times.

In this article, we list the latest and most popular and of course the most useful Android apps. iphone We’ve already covered video editing on smartphones. In this article, the advantages of these apps are explained so that you can choose the best one according to your needs and preferences.

9. Learn how to change permanent Google region

Iranians sometimes do not have access to Google Play, and on the other hand, the internet search giant restricts Iranian users from accessing several programs. However, there are different solutions to bypass these restrictions so that you can access all the programs and games published in the official Android store.

In our article on how to permanently change your region in Google Play, we taught you the best way to bypass Google Play restrictions and restrict access to programs and games on the platform. By reading this article, you can access and enjoy all the content available on Google Play.

8. How to Create an Apple ID (Latest Method)

Users of Apple smartphones definitely need an Apple ID to access the App Store. In fact, without this user account, you cannot access the iPhone App Store.

On the other hand, many people are not very familiar with the method of creating an Apple ID, and the technology giant from Cupertino has also made it mandatory to use a mobile phone number to create an account. In short, in the latest article on how to create an Apple ID, we have taught you many practical solutions to create an Apple ID on a computer or even an Android phone without a mobile phone number. In addition, we have also prepared a video teaching you how to create an Apple ID, you can learn step by step by watching the video.

7. Convert PDF to Photos; How to convert PDF files to JPG?

Many of us use PDF documents many times while using our computer for everyday tasks, and sometimes we need to send these files to others as image files.

This article on how to convert PDF files to JPG will teach you the best way so that you can send PDF documents as photos whenever you want.

6. Top 10 smartphones with the fastest charging speeds on the market

Smartphone charging technology has evolved rapidly in recent years, and some products now come with 260-watt chargers.For example infinix 260W charging Recently launched, it can charge your phone’s battery from zero to 100% in just 7.5 minutes.

In our best smartphones on the market for charging speed article, we listed the top ones on the market that charge very fast, and Zomit users seem to be interested in fast charging. This article appears in the 1401 most viewed articles list.

5. Step-by-step and visual training for email creation

While tech geeks are familiar with all types of email service providers, younger users and inexperienced people sometimes experience email issues or may have questions when it comes to creating personalized emails.

In this step-by-step training article on creating emails, we have tried to teach you how to create emails in an easy way, maybe that makes this article one of the most viewed articles on Zomit on 1401.

4. The best phones of 2022

Every year, we see a plethora of different brands of phones launched, each with its own pros and cons in different price ranges. In our article on the best phones of 2022, we have tried to introduce you to the best models launched in the last year so that you can make better choices when buying them.

In this post, the best phones of 2022 are listed from camera quality, hardware power, and other categories to cater to all users’ needs according to their preferences.

3. How to Disable Windows 10 Antivirus

Windows 10 ships with the Windows Defender Antivirus security pack. While this tool improves computer security, some users experience problems performing various tasks, which forces them to disable Windows Defender Antivirus.

In our article on how to disable Windows 10 antivirus, we have explained the best solutions to disable this security feature so that you can easily disable this feature if needed.

2. List of the most incredible Xiaomi phones

While Xiaomi has released a number of affordable phones in recent years with impressive tech specs compared to rivals, many of the company’s products have had issues making them among the least reliable.

For example, the quality of IPS screens is one of the main issues with Xiaomi’s mid-range smartphones. Due to this situation, users have lost confidence in some phones. In our article on the most unreliable Xiaomi phones, we took a look at some of the brand’s questionable offerings.

1. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max unveiled

Now Zomit’s most viewed article among 1401. This year we saw a major design change for the iPhone Pro models.

Apple’s 2022 flagship phone comes in four models; iPhone 14, iphone 14 plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iphone 14 pro max, the most important update is implemented for the Pro model; since both phones use the new A16 chip and on the other hand they are equipped with the Dynamic Island function. Of course, the iPhone 14 series also incorporates satellite connectivity, allowing people to send text messages to emergency service centers even in places where there is no Internet or mobile phone network.

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