Money Shot: The P/rnHub Story: Who Is Noelle Perdue?

Noelle Perdue was Geeks, the company that owns P/rnHub. So, she knows how P/rnHub monetizes videos of underage children, rape and assault scenes, etc. uploaded to its site.So Noelle is now on a mission to shut down the p/orn site and her stories are all on Netflix. Making Money: The P/rnHub Story.

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Noelle Perdue on Netflix’s money-making scheme: The P/rnHub story

netflix Making Money: The P/rnHub Story Noelle Perdue, an advocate for safe and consensual porn, exposes the dark side of P/rnHub.Had with Geeks Over the years, Noelle has had enough of the horrific videos uploaded to P/rnHub, and she’s even more frustrated that the corporate side doesn’t seem interested in removing them. But it’s clear that some of P/rnHub’s critics equate sex work with sex trafficking, something Noel has united against.

Speaking of more, she says it’s “the final product of a project I’ve been involved in for the past two years; I’ve done interviews, I’ve also worked as an archivist and consultant — mostly as a fact-checker and visual reference for historical elements creator.”

“You want it to say everything you have to explain at a party, your relatives, or a true stranger on the internet, and you want it to give time and energy to every element of this incredibly complex topic and care about it deserved it,” she added.

Now, after filming the show and letting the world know about P/rnHub’s secrets, Noelle is still doing her best to censor non-consensual porn. In addition, she is researching the history of moderation, obscenity laws, data mapping, generative algorithms, and “new media,” and improving her praxinoscope to showcase AI-generated p/rnography.

|I love making things that bring together different moments in the history of the medium, and I hope to make more mechanical animation machines and have the opportunity to delve deeper into this project in the future,” she said.

Noel Perdue’s Career

Noelle Perdue describes herself as “a writer, an artist, a historian of Internet pornography, and a nearly intact collection.” She is an expert and advocate for the porn industry, with an extensive background in computer programming.

So how did computer programmers start writing pornographic scripts? Well, one day, she just googled “porn screenwriter, is that a job?” and learned that it was! Also, to her curiosity, Geeks It was recruiting at the time. Now, connect the dots.

After joining the company in 2016, she spent three years in Montreal as a writer, producer and talent acquisition, eventually finding work as a pornographic scriptwriter.

Now, don’t get excited, for those of you who fantasize about this job, it’s not as fun as it sounds. “MindGeek is a ridiculously bland office space; gray carpet, gray cubicles, open-plan stuff. It’s really like working at a tech company,” says Noelle.

A disgruntled Noelle then quits Geeks Around 2020, she started using AI because of her coding background. But she never really liked coding or being a software developer. So she’s now using her background in computer science to make “toys.” It’s more of a “next phase of experimentation,” she says — an upgrade in her work as a porn screenwriter.

Additionally, she has developed chatbots where “AI is more than a friend”.

But her AI adventures aren’t just about sex. The beauty of hypnotic art generated by AI via GAN is that it can create fast food and cake (virtually, of course). You can also check out AI magic on her TikTok.

In terms of hobbies, she likes to watch the most unpopular dating simulation games, and also likes to write articles for different magazines, telling about her adventures in life. Her work has been published in Slate, Xtra, The Washington Post, Wired, Input, and more.

hereIt’s her LinkedIn.

did you know: Noelle thought she’d be a really good liar.But since she wasn’t, she started this business called betta fish She was just there to share her thoughts on the scam.

Is Noelle Perdue on Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @All Day Breakfast_.

Plus, here’s her TikTok @All Day Breakfast_ and Twitter @Noel Perdue_.

Fun fact: Noelle didn’t sync her FB and IG contact lists when the option was available. In fact, she said she would pay to automatically block all of her FB contacts on IG.

noel perdue age

Noelle Perdue appeared at 26+ Making Money: The P/rnHub Story 2023.

But when she actually filmed the show, she was still a year or two younger.

noel perdue husband

As of 2023, Noelle Perdue is in a relationship with her partner, Krystyne Athanasia.

Krystyn is “she/them,” so she’s definitely not Noelle’s husband.

According to her, Krystyne is the reason she started photography — just to capture her talent in photographs.

The last time we saw them on Noelle’s IG was Valentine’s Day 2023.

A little bit about Noelle’s partner, Krystyne Athanasia Kontos, an architecture student.She worked as a technical lecturer toolbox plan and is a community animator Center for Social Innovation (CSI). She also used to be an English teacher for foreign students.

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  • When is Noelle Perdue’s birthday?

Noelle did not disclose her birthday.

  • Where is Noelle Perdue from?

She is from Toronto, Canada

  • Where was Noelle Perdue educated?

Noel kept the details of her education private.

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