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‘MJ’ fans are furious after watching a show full of stunt doubles

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‘MJ’ fans furious after watching a show full of stunt doubles

The students took over the Broadway show of “MJ: The Musical” on Saturday – and fans weren’t happy with their space walk at the Neil Simon Theatre.

After spending more than $200 apiece on tickets for their family, a source told us, “It’s a huge disappointment that the cast is out…so many replacements who didn’t do a good job!”

Eight actors were absent – including Michael Jackson’s lead role played by Miles Frost.

The show’s replacement, Aramie Payton, has been the King of Pop since Jan. 13, while Frost is on leave.

But the show’s other stars are clearly battling winter viruses, including COVID-19, and “as is common in Broadway plays and musicals, backstage protocols require performers not to perform if they test positive for COVID.” A spokesperson told Page Six.

Miles Frost
Miles Frost stars in this musical about the life of Michael Jackson.
wire image

The rep confirmed that “there’s been a lot of cases of ‘MJ’ lately,” but said that hasn’t stopped the cast from giving it their all.

Frost was on vacation and several actors tested positive for the coronavirus.
Bruce Grix/WireImage

“Our outstanding students are trained to act when needed. Subs undergo rigorous rehearsals and help ensure audiences get the performances they paid for,” the spokesperson continued.

MJ: musical theater
The plan is targeting more than 1 million visitor arrivals this year.
Bruce Grix/WireImage

Another Broadway insider also told us it wasn’t just MJ.

Unfortunately, “performers get sick this time of year. ‘MJ’ is brutal to the body because it’s so dance-driven…Of course, behind-the-scenes health takes extra serious due to COVID,” they said.

The series featured alternates while some of the main cast members fell ill.

MJ: musical theater

The series featured alternates while some of the main cast members fell ill.


In fact, the shows hired more replacements “to make sure there was room to do shows. The cast grew,” the source added.

Regardless, the show remains a hit on Broadway. “More than 500,000 people have been stimulated,” the show boasted on its Instagram page. “By 2023, we’re on track to surpass 1 million,” the producers wrote.

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