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Missing ITV X Factor Star Levi Davis Was ‘£100k In Debt To Mafia’

Missing X Factors and Rugby Stars levi davis He was reportedly in huge debts to the Somali mafia before his disappearance. The Birmingham-born 24-year-old was convinced he was tried to poison him before he disappeared in Barcelona, ​​according to a private investigator.

The Mafia is allegedly ‘hunting’ the 24-year-old last seen CCTV footage in the Spanish city on October 29, 2022. Mr Davies piled up in debt after his partying lifestyle ‘grew out of control’ Reported by La Vanguardia.

Mr Davies’ family hired an unnamed private investigator who told the Catalan newspaper that the rugby union player had fled to Barcelona to escape criminals who were hunting him.

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Investigators said: “Davis came to Barcelona to avoid these criminals. He lived a crazy lifestyle and was in a very vulnerable situation.

“The truth is, he’s sure they’re after him. In fact, he’s sure they tried to poison him at one point.”

Mr Davies’ family has reportedly urged Spanish police to investigate a possible drowning in the nearby port of Barcelona, ​​where the passport was found. There was a growing concern that he might be lured into a trap after arranging a meeting with someone.

The last known CCTV footage of Mr Davis, who appeared on Celebrity X Factor in 2019, shows him leaving Old Irish Pub in Barcelona. He is wearing a white T-shirt, black jeans and white sneakers. He is also carrying a small black backpack.

Levi Davis leaves old Irish pub in Barcelona

Jolie’s mum has previously told the Daily Mail her son may have died Kidnapped by criminals from London in money disputes. “We urgently need to know more because this could change the nature of the entire investigation,” she said.

After one of her private investigators was reported, she said: “The man was very discreet and gave very few details, other than to say that ‘the British were involved in Levi’s disappearance’ and that the incident was clearly the result of an argument he had in London Dealt with a gang.”

Mr Davis had not been reliably sighted since October last year. His passport was discovered by police in November, meaning he could not travel through official channels.

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