‘Miracle’ As Couple In Car Survive Huge One-in-a-million 300ft Fall Down Canyon

a couple lose control of the car and plunged into a 300-foot canyon, landing on the roof of their car.

Miraculously, Cloe Fields and her boyfriend Christian Zelada survived the fall, before Christian said there was a “one in 100,000,000” chance of them leaving.

They said they were driving on a two-lane highway through Angeles National Forest in California, U.S., on Dec. 13 when a car pulled up behind them and started honking.

The trail follows steep Monkey Canyon, with the canyon floor dropping 300 feet below.

As they pulled over to let the car behind them pass, their car hit some loose gravel and they lost control.

Rescue helicopter footage shows the rescue is underway


Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department)

The car tumbled over the edge after the driver, Christian, spun 180 degrees.

The car hit some trees as it fell, then flipped over and landed on the roof.

Miraculously, the two climbed out of the wreckage without serious injuries, with cuts, bruises and a mild concussion.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. “It’s a miracle in several ways,” Gilbert said. “Nearly all of the vehicles that went over the curb in that particular area turned out to be fatal. They survived the crash — a miracle.”

The pair landed in an area with poor mobile phone coverage, but their phones could still be used to make emergency calls.

Gilbert continued: “The fact that they had a piece of technology that survived the crash and it worked as advertised and got rescued in time is another miracle.”

Cloe found her iPhone 10 yards from the car with the screen smashed. Still, it prompted her to contact emergency services via satellite.

The SOS feature lets the new iPhone get help even when there’s no signal or wifi access.

Cloe pointed her phone at a satellite so she could call for help.

Sheriff’s received a call to Apple’s emergency call center at around 1:55 p.m. with the exact information and a rescue team was dispatched.

A helicopter was used to lift the couple out of the canyon and they were taken to hospital, but fortunately there were no serious injuries.

Police have launched an investigation to try to figure out how the car crashed, but so far no further information has been provided.

Christian later told Crowe: “We are one in a hundred million people who can go away with our lives and limbs.”

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