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Mighty Knee Sees Demetrious Johnson Finish Adriano Moraes

Demetrious Johnson Credit: ONE Championship

Adriano Moraes and Demetrius Johnson face off for the second time in the opening game of the ONE Championship vs. Amazon Prime TV deal.

Their first bout ended in disaster, with the former UFC champion and all-time great “Mighty Rat” Moraes knocking Johnson down with a short uppercut before ending the bout before landing on his knees, according to ONE The rule set is legal. It wasn’t just the finish line that was troublesome for the legendary Johnson, though, as champion Moraes’ height and length made it nearly impossible for the DJ to get close enough to cause significant damage.

During the rematch against ONE on Prime Video, it was clear that Mighty Mouse would have to make some serious adjustments to have any hope of revenge. In the meantime, Moras is likely to do what he’s done before: use his long-range combat at a distance and keep his high-level combat prowess in the back pocket when needed.

Johnson immediately stepped up to try to push forward and push Moras back, but the championship’s attacking returns kept re-establishing a more equal balance of pressure. A feeling process ensues until some of the challenger’s performances get into the fight, where he crouches down and pretends to shoot, then stands up with his hands behind his back.

Moraes, however, made him pay, catching the ball, shooting, and finally defending with all of them. Johnson initially used a butterfly back to stop Moraes passing, but the champion was at half-back shortly after, but then fully recovered. The exchange is uniform. DJ searches for a handrail, but Moraes escapes and avoids danger before regaining his footing. Both swapped elbows – a notable elbow cut through the champs – and DJ remained active at the back, not allowing Moras to settle in a position at all, despite the Brazilian’s final two seconds of the quarter ride. got through this round. Although Moras played well, he was severely cut above the right eye with the aforementioned elbow due to his troubles.

Early in the second round, Adriano Moraes countered with a lazy low kick that rocked DJ with a straight left. The pair opened up, and a crazy 50/50 swap soon followed. Next, a huge right question mark kick from Morath bypassed the Challenger’s defender, staggering him back to the fence. Moraes noticed that despite Johnson’s best efforts to hide it, the ensuing panic forced DJ to despair to film a game, which only caused him to run around. The ensuing knee slammed into the American’s head, and it looked like the end of the fight was similar to the first, but DJ partially defended himself and stayed awake, albeit in grave danger. However, when Moraes switched to a front choke, DJ took the opportunity to stand up, only to be pulled back from his knee by his fallen knee. A series reminiscent of the first round of ground work followed. Moraes worked harder to get past the defender rather than strike from the top position. DJ’s defender was as active as ever, but the round ended with Adriano leading again.

A blitz from DJ resulted in a collision early in the third round and heralded a determined attempt to put more pressure on the champions in this round, which led to a huge success for Johnson. DJ’s feint sets up bizarre punches and body kicks at range, hurting Moraes consistently. The Brazilian’s back foot doesn’t look as comfortable as his front foot, so his attacking ability is greatly diminished. The rhythm of the legend starts to get beautiful, and some of his strikes start to have noticeable effect, leaving Moras in awe. Demetrious Johnson’s patented creativity was on full display as he scrambled hard on an elbow, flipping it over at one point. During the entire process, Moraes still only stepped back, barely standing on the front foot in the last ten seconds. Even though a mixed martial arts match was scored as a group, the match was clearly 29-28 for Moraes, if applicable.

DJ crashed into the game early in the penultimate round of the title fight, but even if Moraes had a double hook, he was able to avoid a knockout and escape. Considering how much time he spent on his back in the first two rounds, it was a pretty big win. Immediately after, he gained the front foot again, but Moras looked to grab more frequently to suppress the relentless forward pressure and lightning-fast strikes. challenger. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t get much offense out of the game. In fact, it was DJ who overcame the injury from the dunk with a short knee before Moras parted.

Next, when DJ goes back to the knee he just used, it’s his turn to tighten. After the out, Moras’s flying knee knocked DJ to the ground, but the challenger got up. The champion seems unable or unwilling to spend the energy to get the top spot on the ground instead of swooping in like this, or catching the ball like in the first round. As DJ stalked his prey, Moras looked to fight back more, trying to do something about the pressure. However, it was his hands away from his chin that caused him to fall badly with a straight right hand before Moraes leaned against the fence, chilling the champion. “Mighty Mouse” left the highlight before the referee even noticed Moras was unconscious. The tide turned, and now Mighty Mouse used his opponent’s technique against him, becoming the first fighter in the UFC to leap ONE and win the belt.

Johnson’s happy nature was on full display after the fight. He did his signature victory celebration, spinning, jumping kicks, then raising his fists, and when the belt was on him, he pretended it was too heavy and fell to the ground under its weight. Both are now done by the other, in strikingly similar ways. With ONE on Prime Video 1 complete, a trilogy is almost certain to follow in the near future.


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