Mia Khalifa, a former Pornhub star, claims she spent £65,000 on therapy and’must stop herself.’

Mia Khalifa, a former Pornhub star, says she spent tens of thousands of dollars on therapy and now has to “stop herself” from diagnosing others.

In a new Twitter post that received hundreds of likes, the OnlyFans alum revealed that she had spent a sizable sum on therapy over the years.

Her admission of therapy costs comes after she quoted a response to a bizarre tweet in which the 29-year-old accused an anonymous party of gaslighting her.

Khalifa’s first tweet, which received thousands of likes, saw him “f***ing dare” the unknown person to “argue with me,” insisting that they would “have to do better than gaslight.”

In a series of tweets, Mia revealed how much she had spent on therapy.

(Image: miakhalifa/Instagram)

According to the Daily Star, her tweet also stated that she “used to read the dictionary for fun.”

Others mocked the 29-year-old by writing about their favorite dictionaries, with one user claiming that “Encyclopedia Britannica” was his favorite.

“Me, but for being a psychologist and psychoanalyst,” one Twitter user wrote, paraphrasing Khalifa’s initial rage.

Mia had recently accused someone unknown of trying to gaslight her.

(Image: Mia Khalifa/Instagram)

After spending a lot of money on therapy sessions throughout her life, Khalifa felt compelled to add that she had to “stop myself every single day” from diagnosing others.

“The way I have to stop myself from using the $80,000 I’ve spent on therapy to diagnose others every single day…” Khalifa wrote.

Mia’s therapy costs tweet was met with outpourings of support from her fans.

“Girl, you earned it, tear them down with assertiveness,” the user Khalifa quoted in response to her latest tweet. You put in the effort and the money to make it happen.”

Other Twitter users backed the Lebanese media personality, who shared her therapy experience with her 4.4 million followers.

Khalifa then went on to say that better therapy coverage was needed, addressing a user who said Khalifa’s tweet was “giving me privilege vibes right now.”

Mia’s initial tweet was quickly followed by a scathing assessment of the cost of therapy sessions.

(Image: twitter.com/miakhalifa)

“It should be giving you ‘we need better mental health insurance coverage’ vibes,” the 29-year-old replied by quote-tweeting the user.

“Do you really think I’d spend that much money just to avoid crying myself to sleep every night?”

Twitter users rallied once more in support of Khalifa, with one user writing: “It’s your money, it shouldn’t be anyone’s business how you spend it.” First and foremost, your health.”

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