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Meri was emotionally abusive to all the kids, but she got the “brunt of it” * starcasm.net

A few weeks ago, Paedon Brown hinted in an interview sister’s wifeMeri Brown of the 1980s abused children. Instead of using the word abuse, he responded to a comment about the abuse and changed the word to “gross”. He also said Merry’s rudeness “went far beyond the verbal.” Now, Paedon’s sister Mykelti has issued a statement to Meri Brown.

Mykelti and her husband Tony uploaded a Video to their Patreon Say exactly what they think of Merry.

Before making the video, Mykelti spent a lot of time writing her thoughts on her phone and reading her statement without adding additional comments. She said she did it to make sure her voice was heard.

She said she did not recall Merry ever being physically abusive to her, but said Merry was “very emotionally and verbally abusive to all of us”.

According to Mykelti, the emotional and verbal abuse stopped when the children grew up, which Mykelti speculates is because they reached a point where they were able to “fight back.”

Mykelti, who feels she has “borne the brunt” of Meri’s abuse, says many of her siblings have told her they, too, believe Mykelti has been treated “the worst she has ever given her”. Still, she wanted to make it clear that “all” children had been affected by Merry’s actions.

Although Mykelti said she never experienced physical abuse, she said she didn’t want to downplay any of her siblings’ other experiences.

In a recent Q&A with her Patreon viewers, Mykelti’s older sister Gwen stated that she does remember seeing Meri physically violent against Mykelti on one occasion. This is the only time Gwen says she recalls Meri having physical contact with the child. Mykelti again said she had no memory of Meri’s physical violence against her.

Mykelti also noted that she and Meri both sell MLM LulaRoe’s products, which has led them to sometimes “crossover” professionally. They still don’t interact, but they do stay “cordial”.

Although most of their LulaRoe events take place online, the company often organizes events that both Mykelti and Meri attend. Because of their status as well-known influencers, they may all be high in the LulaRoe structure.

Mykelti has firm boundaries with Meri, and she intends to move on. Meri was not a part of her or her child’s life and Mykelti never wanted her to be part of her because of all the trauma she’s been through.

She went on to say that she didn’t think Merry was a “terrible person,” but she didn’t think she was a “good person,” either. She wishes Meri all the best for the future, especially that she finds love and happiness.

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